Route 66 Side Trip

Route 66 Side Trip

Tucumcari at Night!

Route 66 Side Trip

Thunderbird Lounge Neon A drive down Route 66 in Tucumcari at night is a wonderland of dazzling neon lights. In the hey-day of Route 66 these colorful flashing signs were meant to entice the weary traveler into stopping at that particular motel rather than another down the street. The promise of a restful night's sleep was inferred at motels awash with their neon's warm glow. Colorful designs and a decidedly western motif further enticed the tourist to stop using an age old marketing ploy ~ the kids. "Wow dad! Look at that! Can we stop there for the night?"
Buckaroo Motel Neon

Palomino Motel Neon

Apache Motel Neon

Blue Swallow Motel Neon


La Cita Neon


TePee Curios Neon


Route 66 Neon


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Photographs taken September 2002 & May 2003

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