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At age 77, one of America’s most treasured but often forgotten icons is fading. Route 66 – sprinkled with mom ‘n’ pop diners, neon signs and funky roadside attractions – tells a compelling story of not only America’s historical move West, but of our country’s culture itself.

That’s why at age 62, Route 66 historian and preservationist Jim Conkle (often referred to as the modern day "Will Rogers of Route 66") is taking a 66-day pilgrimage across the U.S. to raise awareness about protecting the nation’s "Mother Road."

Beginning  last April 29 at the symbolic ending of Route 66 in Calif., Jim led a 66-day caravan from "pier to pier" - Santa Monica to Chicago - posting "Roadside Attraction" signs highlighting special sites, treasured landmarks and vintage establishments along the 2,448-mile historical route. The signs will serve as a road map for future travelers who want to know where to stop and take in the road's unique history.

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As part of its Explore the Highway with Hampton Save a Landmark program, Hampton® Hotels has worked with Jim and Route 66 Associations across the eight states to raise awareness for the famous roadway. Program volunteers will refurbish select locations along the route to help bring them back to their original glory. AAA® also helped sponsor the Route 66 Caravan trek, providing roadside assistance and inviting its clubs to participate in assorted events during the trip. Special thanks also go to TA Travel of America for providing the fuel to get us moving.

"I do believe that this will be the single biggest and longest recognition trip in the history of Route 66. I'll be pulling a trailer of more than 50 signs behind a 36-foot-long motor home specially decorated to honor the journey, and we want vacationers and local residents to join our caravan when we pass through their area." ~Jim Conkle

For the past four years, the Hampton Save a Landmark program has refurbished some of Route 66’s deteriorating treasures, such as the Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma, Meteor City Trading Post, Arizona and Standard Oil Gas Station in Odell, Illinois. Along with countless employee volunteer hours, Hampton has committed more than $500,000 towards its program of refurbishing 13 historic and unusual tourist landmarks across the country.


Hampton Inn Save A Landmark Roadside Attraction

Lou Mitchells Roadside Attraction

Nationwide Route 66 restoration program launched at Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant - the Mother Road’s first "Road Trip" stop – in May 2002.

Magical Blue Whale Roadside Attraction

Hampton volunteers spruce up The Blue Whale in Catoosa, Okla. and present it with one of the first "Roadside Attraction" signs in August 2002.


Those interested in submitting a landmark for refurbishment consideration anywhere in the U.S. can write to Explore the Highway with Hampton, P.O. Box 15422, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-1422 or fill out the form on our Web Site.

For those that were unable to join us on the "Route 66 Roadside Attraction Caravan" in person this past May and June - no problem. Guy Randall, Jim's friend, co-pilot and the 66 Caravan's webmaster has provided daily updates and digital photos of the points of interest visited along the road on this web site with the Route 66 Caravan Road Logs. You can still take the cyber tour with us and never leave home!

Start the journey with the Route 66 Caravan with the "Road Logs" on the Schedule page, or click the link below to start at the begining to read the Road Logs like a book:



Jim Conkle
Jim Conkle

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Guy Randall

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"Other Route 66 preservationists and some Route 66 Association leaders are making plans to meet with us at stops, and even travel with us through their state." ~ Jim Conkle

The Route 66 Caravan is now finished for this year. It was a wonderful trip down the Mother Road! You can check out our adventures via cyberspace right here on the Road Logs. The Road Logs are a daily account of the Route 66 Caravan's adventures down our most celebrated highway ~ Route 66! Just click the Schedule button below to begin your journey...

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