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May 03, 2003

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Kingman, Arizona Abundant water in this dry region of the southwest attracted the railroad to establish a railroad stop here. Lewis Kingman was the locating engineer and he named the stop for himself. The railroad was the reason for Kingman's existence in the beginning. With the coming of Route 66 in 1926 Kingman became an important motel-cafe-service station stop for travelers. In 1928 Charles Lindbergh selected Kingman as a stop between Los Angeles and Winslow on his new forty-eight-hour airmail service between Los Angeles and New York. Location, location, location - Kingman had it all. Kingman's strategic highway location continues to bring life to this interesting old Route 66 town.

Powerhouse Visitor Center & Museum

Power House Neon Kingman today celebrates its Route 66 heritage. There are colorful motor courts and cafes still in operation along this stretch of the famous highway. The Old Powerhouse in Kingman has been converted into a Route 66 Museum and visitor's center and has a fantastic gift shop run by the Arizona Route 66 Association.

Route 66 Caravan RV at the Powerhouse. We parked here during the Arizona Fun Run.

Caravan at the Powerhouse


Hampton Inn Roadside Attraction

BillieJo & Miss Rt 66 2003

Billie Jo Moore, one of the founders of the Arizona Route 66 Association, and Kristine Best, Miss Historic Route 66 2003, brave the approaching inclement weather to honor the Kingman Power House.

Our sign ceremony was quite dramatic as severe weather rolled in. These determined troopers pull the cover off amidst rain, wind and snow flurries. It's amazing how fast the parking lot emptied out during the storm.

Kingman Roadside Attraction Unveiling

Powerhouse Roadside Attraction Sign

Jim Conkle & Bob Walker
Jim Conkle and Bob Walker of the Canadian Route 66 Association.


Visitor Center, Gift Shop & Museum

Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center

Rt 66 Association Gift Shop

Guy at Diner Exhibit

The Powerhouse Route 66 Museum has some pretty impressive displays. I particularly liked this diner display ~ of course anything having to do with food intrigues me. Unfortunately the door was locked!

Kevin Hansel checks out the vintage gas station display. He's smiling because he's from California and the price of gas on this pump is more to his liking.

Kevin Hansel and Gas Pump Exhibit


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