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May 05, 2003

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Arizona's Route 66

Arizona contains the longest single stretch of old Route 66 still remaining today. From Ash Fork to the Colorado River you can drive over 150 miles on the Mother Road. From Kingman to Seligman Route 66 passes through the small towns of Hackberry, Valentine, Crozier, Truxton, and Peach Springs. Grand Canyon Caverns is located a few miles east of Peach Springs and has been drawing tourists from the earliest times of Route 66. If you look closely as you pass through these towns you will see gas stations, motor courts and cafes left over from the hey day of Route 66.

Hackberry General Store & Visitor Center

66 Caravan at Hackberry General Store Hackberry was founded when prospectors found a rich vein of ore here in the 1870's. A large Hackberry tree grew by the spring and gave the town its name. The ore played out, but the town of Hackberry hung on. The actual town of Hackberry lies across the tracks from Route 66, but the Hackberry General Store is right on the old road.
What a great place! The old vintage gas pumps and signs beg one to stop and take a look, but the real gem is a 1957 Corvette in mint condition. Talk about a magnet to the traveler.

57 Corvette at Hackberry

Hackberry, Arizona Rt. 66 Hackberry is as colorful a stop as you will find on old Route 66. John and Kerry Pritchard have managed to collect an eclectic assortment of Mother Road momentos to visually delight the most hardened of road wanderers. In other words ~ it is just plain fun!


Frontier Motel in Truxton, Arizona

66 Caravan at Frontier Motel A few more miles down the road from Hackberry is the old town of Truxton. The community of Truxton originally developed around a gas station and cafe along Route 66 in 1951. The name of the town comes from the famous Beale Camel Expedition. Lieutenant "Ned" Beale stopped at the spring here in 1857 and named it Truxton in honor of either his brother Truxton or his mother, Emily Truxton Beale.
Frontier Motel & Cafe

Classic Frontier Cafe Sign

The Frontier Motel and Restaurant has seen a lot of action over the years. Until recently the old neon sign and artwork was in need of repair. Using matching funds from the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Act administered by the National Park Service it has been repaired and painted and is a fine example of vintage Route 66 road art. To me there's something friendly and comfortable in signs like these.

Frontier Signs


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