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May 07, 2003

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Juan Delgadillo and the Snow Cap

Route 66 Caravan at the Snow Cap In 1953, working on a shoestring budget, Juan Delgadillo built the Snow Cap Drive-In from scrap lumber. Fifty years later his small Route 66 business is known worldwide. Yes it has great food, but perhaps the real reason the Snow Cap has become a Route 66 Icon is Juan himself. He has become the Route 66 Clown and loves to make people laugh.
People come here to see Juan Delgadillo and to laugh with him as he amuses the Snow Cap customer with his off-the-wall antics. For Juan the customer is all-important and he promotes Route 66 one person at a time. Life is to be enjoyed and Juan enjoys it to the fullest. Let him pass some of this enjoyment on to you.

With a twinkle in his eye, Juan will serve up laughs as well as good old all American food!

Snow Cap Truck


Juan Keeps Jim in Stitches
Juan Delgadillo, the original Route 66 Clown, has Jim in Stitches.

Sign Unveiling
Juan and son John unveil the new Snow Cap Roadside Attraction sign.


Snow Cap Sign

Juan Delgadillo


Petition Signing
Hampton Inns is aggressively pursuing signatures for a petition for Congress to release The Route 66 Corridor Act money for the preservation of Route 66.


The Delgadillo Family

Angel's Route 66 Gift Shop
The Route 66 Gift Shop

When Interstate 40 bypassed the small Route 66 town of Seligman life changed for the Delgadillos forever. Seligman was in danger of becoming just another Route 66 ghost town. Angel Delgadillo, the town's barber, saw his town fading fast. Seligman was becoming a relic of another era and it made Angel angry.
How could life on the highway just bypass them like that? The hopes and dreams of hard working Route 66 people not just in Seligman, but all up and down the Mother Road was in jeopardy. Angel had to do something. It never ceases to amaze me how one person can make all the difference in the world. Angel was that one person and he made a big difference.

The Angel Delgadillo Family
Mirna, Vilma and Angel Delgadillo

  I don't think even Angel realized the impact he would have on Route 66 when he helped start the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. He brought attention to the plight of Route 66 and was instrumental in starting the Arizona Fun Run. His Route 66 Gift Shop is a Mecca to Route 66 enthusiasts from all over the world today. The spirit of the Mother Road can be found in Angel's eyes as he tells the history of Route 66 to eager travelers. Thanks to the efforts of Angel and others like him the Mother Road will not be forgotten but live again for generations to come. Honored as one of Arizona's CultureKeepers, I think Angel's philosophy of life can be summed up by something he once said:

"Arizona, the state where I was born, has been my home all my life. Seventy-six years. And like any other state in America, it is the land of the free; where opportunities are not limited, where we the people, if we choose, can make the difference."

Guy Randall & the Delgadillo Ladies
Vilma and daughter Mirna honor me with their picture.

Jim Conkle Between Two Route 66 Icons
Juan and Angel honor Jim Conkle of the Route 66 Caravan.

Juan and Angel Delgadillo
Route 66 Update: On June 2, 2004 Juan Delgadillo passed away. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. His zany antics at the Snow Cap entertained Route 66 travelers from around the world. His legacy will live on at the Snow Cap through Juan's son John who continues the tradition of fun that made the Snow Cap and Juan a Route 66 legend.


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