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May 09, 2003

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La Posada Harvey House

Santa Fe Railroad Classic

  Southwestern Ambience The Harvey Houses found along the Santa Fe tracks have always fascinated me. Thankfully we have realized what a special treasure we have in them and they are being restored in towns all along Route 66. The La Posada in Winslow is a gem in the desert. Perhaps not as imposing as the El Garces in Needles, California. Its charm lies in its simplicity of well crafted line that captures, in my opinion, the spirit of the Southwest.
The La Posada Harvey House was the last one built. It was built in 1930 at the unbelievable cost of two million dollars. This was in the midst of the great depression and Santa Fe Railroad was expecting Winslow to become another Mecca like Santa Fe, New Mexico.

La Posada From the Rail Side

  The La Posada has the distinction of being designed by one of the greatest architects in the Southwest, Mary Colter. Colter had been designing projects for the Fred Harvey Company for 25 years when she designed the La Posada in 1928. Mary Colter had an eye for detail and a way with design that would blend aspects of Native American and Spanish Colonial design into a style all her own. The La Posada is the jewel of her inspiration.

Classic Southwestern Elegance

Santa Fe Style Elegance

Gracious Simplicity


Beautiful Mandela

Southwestern Art

Art Work Abounds at the La Posada

This is the La Posada! Words can't do it justice. To me this is one of those spiritual places that can be found along Route 66.


La Posada Roadside Attraction

Dan Lutzick General Manager La Posada

Dan Lutzick, General Manager, part owner and talented artist of the La Posada (much of the artwork inside the La Posada is his work) talks about the future of the La Posada with Jim Conkle


Even the gardens and grounds were designed with an eye for detail. Passengers getting off the trains were met with an oasis in the desert.

La Posada Roadside Attraction


Route 66 Roadside Attraction Sign


"Mary Colter's masterpiece. La Posada was one of the last great railroad hotels and known as one of the fanciest on Route 66"


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