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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
May 11, 2003

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Gallup's Ranch Kitchen

Ranch Kitchen Neon

We discovered the Ranch Kitchen by mere chance. I was right next to the RV camp we stopped at for the night. What a lucky find. The Ranch Kitchen is in West Gallup and has been a Route 66 institution for 49 years. It originally opened in the Thunderbird Lodge about 4 miles east on Route 66 in 1954. Later it moved to its present location, still on Route 66 and it is going strong today.

Ranch Kitchen

Ranch Kitchen Dining Room


John Marbury Owner of Ranch Kitchen

  John Mabry started working in the family business in the late 1960s. Today he is co-owner of the family restaurant, and sums up his philosophy about the Ranch Kitchen with the words of his father,

"If we can have people come in here having had a long tiresome day, who are weary, but maybe we can just pick them up, brighten their day and give out good meals ..... you can't hardly ask for more."


Ranch Kitchen Gift Shop

The Ranch Kitchen also has a nice Route 66 gift shop where you can stock up on your must have roadie items. I particularly liked the Native American Gallery next door to the gift shop. There are some mighty fine works of art in that store. Winnie Lee's daughter makes some beautiful sand paintings (see below). Her daughter has been trained and blessed in the traditional Navajo art. It never ceases to amaze me the control and skill involved to make this particular Native American art form.

Ranch Kitchen Native American Gallery
Quality Native American Art on display in the Gift Shop Gallery.

Winnie Lee  holds Daughter's work
Winnie Lee and Jim Conkle display a beautiful sand painting made by Winnie's daughter.


Route 66's USA RV Park

USA RV Park The Route 66 Caravan "Seal of Approval" is given to the U.S.A. RV Park on Route 66 in Gallup.

After a long day of exploring the Painted Desert it was quite a welcome site. This park is well keep, clean, secure and has all the amenities any RVer could want.


Eugene P. Dolney owns and operates the USA RV Park in Gallup. I'm not an RVer, but according to Jim this is one of the best parks he has seen. And it's a Route 66 business to boot!

Eugene Dolney and Jim Conkle


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