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May 12, 2003

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Albuquerque Route 66

Route 66 through the city is Central Avenue and it is lined with the bright neon lights of any "motel row" of the era. Today the Route 66 visitor can see the architecture of the time periods that Route 66 represents. Motor courts from the 30s and 40s exist side by side with the motels of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Cafes and old gas stations remind the traveler that he is passing through a city with a rich road history. Albuquerque is an old town too. It was founded in 1706 along the banks of the Rio Grande River. Its old town plaza still speaks to us of its Spanish heritage. In 1881 the Santa Fe Railroad reached Albuquerque. With the coming of Route 66 its economic future was secure. Today both Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 intersect at Albuquerque.

Albuquerque's Great 66 Diner

  Route 66 Neon

Route 66 Diner Neon

  Route 66 Diner Decor Step back four decades and enjoy the 50s atmosphere of the 66 Diner. Jim, Kevin and I decided to see what all the excitement was about. We were instantly taken with the decor and the friendliness of the staff. Tom Willis, the owner and vice president of the New Mexico Route 66 Association, has certainly captured the spirit of the era.
  I quickly found out that their milkshakes are great. I had an orange vanilla mixture that brought back memories of the Dreamsicles I used to buy from the "Popsicle Man" in my youth. The food was very good too. I guess I'll have to list the 66 Diner on my list of great Route 66 eateries. Watch out for the pies too. They are pretty tempting. Any place that has a good rhubarb pie is okay in my book.  

Route 66 Diner Counter

Jim & Kevin at the Diner

Tom Willis Route 66 Diner Owner & Jim Conkle


Jim & Kevin get into the spirit of the place very quickly.

"You know Jim," Tom Willis says, "I used to be pretty good at this."


KiMo Theater

Historic KiMo Theater The KiMo Theater is a beautiful example of Southwestern themed architecture. Built in 1927 right on Route 66 it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city of Albuquerque bought the building and restored it to its original glory. I've never seen anything quite like it. It is beautiful, but so very different from the Los Angeles movie theater on Route 66 at 7th and Broadway in L.A.

KiMo Theater Interior
Unique One-of-a-Kind Southwestern Decor can be found at the KiMo Theater in Albuquerque

KiMo Decor


El Vado Motor Court

Beautiful El Vado Neon

The famous El Vado Motel has seen it all! Route 66 passes right in front of this beautiful motor court and its glorious neon has been beckoning travelers for six decades. The adobe cabins epitomize everything southwestern and capture the spirit of the "Land of Enchantment." This is a great place for those vintage motor court fans and the neon is one of Albuquerque's finest.
  Historic El Vado Motor Court

El Vado Rooms



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