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May 22, 2003

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Adrian, Texas

Adrian, Texas had a population of 250 in the hey-day of the Mother Road. In 1946 it had a gas station and cafe, but no other tourist facilities. There's plenty to see in Adrian today though. On old Route 66, buildings line the main street and speak of a time when a nation passed by on the way to somewhere else. There are some interesting old buildings too. The Bent Door Trading Post, now closed and neglected, can be found in Adrian. Once this was a bustling tourist stop on the old highway, its weathered sign still gives out the mileage to distant ports of call on old Route 66.
Old Adrian Gas Station on Route 66

Bent Door Midpoint Trading Post

An old gas station in Adrian attests to the fact that once a nation passed by on the way to somewhere else.

The old Bent Door Trading Post is for sale and waiting for someone to bring it back to life.

Halfway Between Two Points

If you are traveling the entire length of Route 66 from either end then this is the place to stop and celebrate, you've made it halfway. I know it was with a certain amount of satisfaction that Jim, Kevin and I pulled into the parking lot of the MidPoint Cafe. Geographically speaking we had traveled half the Mother Road!

The MidPoint Cafe

If there is one thing makes Adrian stand out among the lore of the old highway is that it is the halfway point between Chicago and Santa Monica on Route 66. This claim to fame is celebrated at Adrian's Mid Point Cafe, a fun place to stop and mingle with the locals over a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. And let me tell you about the pies ~ they are all homemade. Can you say that about the last place you stopped to eat just off the Interstate?
  Route 66 Caravan at the Midpoint Cafe The MidPoint Cafe is located at the exact "geo-mathematical" MidPoint of Route 66 and is the oldest continuously operated cafe along Route 66 between Amarillo, Texas and Tucumcari, New Mexico.
  This celebrated cafe was once a one room "greasy spoon" called Zella's built by Zella Crim. The original structure is now the MidPoint gift shop. The cafe was enlarged in the 60s and called Jesse's Cafe. It was then that it acquired the look it has today. Fran purchased the Adrian Cafe in 1992 and has brought it back to life as THE place to stop in the Texas Panhandle. I wonder if her famous, homemade pies have anything to do with that!  

Classic Sign


Adrian is the Midpoint of Route 66


Fran Houser
Fran Houser of the MidPoint Cafe not only serves up great food but sprinkles it liberally with down home Texas hospitality!

Christina Mendez
Always cheerful, Christina Mendez can lift the spirits of the most weary road wanderer.


Midpoint Cafe: a Site Worth Seeing Eating At!

Jim and Fran

Hampton's Save-A-Landmark program is pleased to recognize the contribution Fran Houser of the MidPoint Cafe has made to the Route 66 Experience.


Jim and Fran with help from Oldham County's Linda Drake, and the Old Route 66 Association of Texas President Becky Ransom dedicate the new Roadside Attraction sign.

Movers and Shakers in Oldham County

  Midpoint's New Roadside Attraction Sign

The new Roadside Attraction sign at the MidPoint Cafe.


Midpoint Roadside Attraction


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