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June 05, 2003

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Afton, Oklahoma

Afton, Oklahoma was established as a farming community in 1886 and got it's name from the River Afton in Scotland - prominently mentioned in a Robert Burns poem.

Afton Main Street in the 1930s
Afton Main Street in the 1930s.

In the hey-day of Route 66 Afton was a prosperous town, but today the Interstate has taken its toll on this small Oklahoma town. There is much to see and take pictures of in Afton though. Historic architecture, vintage gas stations and fading auto courts can still be found throughout the town. One such photogenic site is the old D-X Service Station, now preserved by Laurel and David Kane.


Afton Hotel

Rest Haven is a Memory


Vintage Architecture

Faded Glory

The Route 66 Caravan stops in downtown Afton, Oklahoma.

Afton Main Street and the Caravan


Afton Station Roadside Attraction

Thr Route 66 Caravan at Afton Station
This old D-X Station lives once more as a visitor center on old Route 66 thanks to Laurel & David Kane.

The Old D-X Gas Station in Afton


Afton Station is the dream of Laurel Kane who moved to Afton a few years ago specifically  to restore this classic gas station and open a visitor center on her beloved road.

Laurel Kane


The One and Only Tripper
The One and Only Route 66 Tripper!

  Laurel and Ron

Emily Cleans Tripper


Laurel Kane and friend Ron McCoy pose next to the new attraction at the Afton Station - Route 66 Tripper.

Preservationist Emily Priddy decides dust is not worth preserving - at least on Tripper.


Afton Roadside Attraction Sign

Laurel and David


Jim, Laurel and David Kane

Laurel Kane extols the virtues of Afton Station.

Celebration Goodies

The Afton Station Roadside Attraction ceremony came complete with rather large Route 66 cookies for the guests.


Afton Roadside Attraction Sign


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