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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
June 10, 2003

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Springfield's Steak & Shake

"In Sight It Must Be Right"

Steak & Shake Sign The Steak & Shake on the corner of National Ave. and St. Louis St. in Springfield has been serving satisfied customers since 1962. The original chain was founded by Gus Belt in 1934 and started in Normal, Illinois. It has come a long way since then and Steak and Shakes can be found all through the mid-west. This Steak and Shake is one of the few left with the "old"  original design and Hampton felt that it was a sight worth seeing. I think we all felt the same way - besides we all were getting hungry.

The classic designs of this vintage Steak & Shake Drive-In make it stand out along St. Louis Street. It is pure eye candy to the Route 66 fan!

Springfield's Classic Steak & Shake

Attraction Ceremony

Mary Pyles - General Manager, Mike Pyles - District Manager, Gary Leonard  - Steak & Shake owner, and Jim get ready for the sign unveiling.

Steak & Shake Attraction Sign

Springfield Memories

Across the street from Steak & Shake this old Route 66 building is not long for the world. Once it was the home of Otto's Restaurant that provided food for travelers in the hey-day of Route 66.

Ottos Restaurant


Lebanon, Missouri

Wrinks Food Market Turns 54!

Wrinks Food Market When the Route 66 Caravan pulled into Lebanon, Missouri we had a special surprise. I can't believe our timing! It was a special day at Wrinks Food Market because owner Glen Wrinkle was celebrating his 54th anniversary. June 10, 1949 Glen opened up his store and it has been an institution on Route 66 ever since.

Part of what makes Wrinks a success is the fun time to be had with road icon Glen Wrinkle. He can brighten up anybody's day!

Glen Wrinkle

Kevin Doe Some Shopping

You can find some mighty unique items at Wrinks as Kevin is finding out. Antiques, Route 66 memorabilia, and food all vie for space on Glen's shelves.


Munger Moss Motel

Munger Moss Neon

One of my all time favorite vintage Route 66 Motels has to be the Munger Moss in Lebanon. Bob and Ramona Lehman take special pride in bringing that Route 66 experience to the traveler. The office is full of classic toys (Bob is an avid collector) and the rooms all have Route 66 themes with great photographs of Route 66. And "roadies" from around the world provide the photography. For example, the Oklahoma Room has some great Jim Ross prints. Ramona made me promise to send her some of my photographs too for the California and Arizona rooms.
Of course besides being clean, well kept and right on Route 66 since 1946; the Munger Moss has one of the best looking neons around. Ramona laughs and says that it just might be one of the most photographed signs in the world. One thing is for sure, I've taken a few of those pictures myself!
Jim with Bob Lehman

Ramona Lehman


Jim and Bob Lehman at the Caravan.


Ramona shows off the Oklahoma Room.


Munger Moss Postcard circa 1950s
Munger Moss 1950s Postcard


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