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June 13, 2003

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Ted Drewes a St. Louis Landmark

Ted Drewes Roadside Attraction

Ted Drewes Here Since 1941 Ted Drewes has been selling frozen custard in St. Louis since 1930. Ted's attention to quality has made his custard the finest in St. Louis. The store on Chippewa (Rt. 66) has been serving frozen custard and smiles since 1941. Ted Drewes famous "Concrete" is so thick that it is served upside down to customers. First timers get quite a start from that one!
All this fun started in 1929 when Ted Sr. opened his first ice cream store in Florida. A year later he moved to St. Louis and started an institution that continues today. The store on Route 66 is still run by the family; Ted Drewes Jr. and his son- in-law Travis Dillon.

Ted Drewes Ceremony


Tommy Pike, Jim, Ted Drewes and Travis Dillon dedicate the new Roadside Attraction sign.

Ted Drewes Roadside Attraction


What's So Great About Ted Drewes?

It's all the positive people!

Okay, it is a family run Route 66 business too and if that isn't enough they still serve the customer with a great product that is world famous and a lot of fun. Ted Drewes is not a franchise. According to Ted Jr., it never will be franchised because that could lead to mediocrity and quality is what Ted Drewes is all about.

Ted Drewes on the Map


Ted Drewes and Jim point out where you'll have to go to get your "concrete."

Ron and Emily - Ted Drewes Fans

Ron Warnick and Emily Priddy are big fans of Ted Drewes. Notice the cabinet door behind Emily ~ she's quite an artist isn't she?


Jim demonstrates just how thick Ted Drewes frozen custard really is.

Jim's Concrete


Ted Drewe and Travis Dillon

Ted Drewes at Work

Ted Drewes Jr. and Travis Dillon keep the family tradition going. Ted himself demonstrates the art of making a frozen custard concrete (right).


Guy's Concrete

I decided to do a "scientific experiment" on Ted Drewes' concrete. This is amazing, even the straw is stuck!

Ted Drewes did say that once in a while one melts and falls out ~ but that's very rare.


Missouri Route 66 Association President Tommy Pike exclaims,

"You mean it melts? I never kept it that long ~ I eat it up!"

Tommy Pike Speaks Out

Glenda Pike and Shellee Graham

Glenda Pike and Shellee Graham are big fans too. Shellee is the author of the fine book on St. Louis' Coral Court Motel, an icon of old Route 66.

Check out Shellee Graham's book at the Coral Court Motel web site.


Bill Hall with Friends of the Mother Road members Ron Warnick and Emily Priddy are waiting for their own frozen custard delights.

Bill, Ron and Emily at Ted Drewes


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