Route 66 Side Trip

Route 66 Side Trip

Gallup Neons

Route 66 Side Trip

Gallup 66 Neon Gallup's Motel Row has some beautiful examples of Neon art still remaining for the intrepid road wanderer. In fact Gallup celebrates its Route 66 heritage with a new neon Route 66 theme neon (see left) at its downtown visitor's center. Unfortunately this picture also illustrates the fact that neon signs do require constant maintenance. The Cadillac's right tail lights and fins were burned out when I took this picture last May 2003.
Gallup Motel Row 2003

El Rancho Neon


Lariat Lodge Neon

Arrowhead Lodge Neon


Blue Spruce Lodge Neon

  7 to 11 Neon
Uptown Plaza Neon

Ranch Kitchen Neon



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Photographs taken September 2002 & May 2003

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