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Glenrio in New Mexico

Old Glen Rio Post Office

Glenrio Post Office

Straddling the border between Texas and New Mexico is the forgotten town of Glenrio - a monument to the boom and bust cycle of Route 66. Jack D. Rittenhouse in his 1946 "A Guide Book to Highway 66" describes Glenrio as a town of 84 people with a store and gas station but no tourist facilities.


Glenrio Gas Station

Glenrio is a town that faded quickly after the Interstate bypassed it. Many towns faded to one degree or another after this happened, but Glenrio became a true Route 66 ghost town. Its empty cafe and closed motel attest to the fact that it was forgotten quickly by the new Interstate traveler.

Glen Rio Gas Station


Endee, New Mexico ~ Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Endee Motor Court

If you continue up Glenrio's main street you will be on old Route 66, it is a quite passable dirt road (in dry weather) that follows the old Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad right of way. Endee is another old shadow town along Route 66 five miles west of Glenrio. Keep your eyes open for abandoned homes and structures along the way. All these attesting to the fact that Endee has been quite forgotten by the world. It wasn't always so though. Rittenhouse describes Endee's population in 1946 as being 110 and having a gas station, small garage, grocery and a handful of cabins.

Ruins of an old Endee Motor Court

There's a thousand stories locked away behind the vacant eyes of this old Endee Motor Court. If only we could hear them, what tales they would be.

His and Her Outhouse

I guess this means that the old motor court cabins didn't have the lateset in indoor plumbing - right?

Hers and His Outhouse


Endee Home

It could be said that Endee was as wild a west town as could be found in the area. Originally the town was founded in 1882 and got its name from the old ND ranch. The post office was established in 1886. There was a time Endee was quite the place to be on a Saturday night. Some claim it was so rough back then that a trench was dug on Saturday to bury the gunfight losers on Sunday. No matter what once happened in Endee the empty town is now quiet, all but forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is a great place to explore and reflect on another time long ago.


Old Rock Island Railroad Trestle

Great photo opportunities abound in the Glenrio and Endee area. Be sure to check out the remains of an old Rock Island trestle west of town an your way to Bard, New Mexico.

Old Railroad Bridge West of Endee

Photographs taken September 2002


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