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Shadows of Route 66 ~ California

Cucamonga Gas Station, California Route 66

Cajon Pass Bridge, Califonia Route 66

Helendale, California Route 66

Newberry Cafe, California Route 66

Ludlow Cafe, California Route 66

Siberia Ruins, California Route 66


Cajon Pass, CA

Helendale, CA

Daggett Cafe

Ludlow, CA

Siberia, CA

Shadows of Route 66 ~ California to Arizona

Summit Relics, California Route 66

Mojave Snow

Route 66 in California

Colorado River at Route 66

Hackberry, Arizona Route 66

Valentine Store, Arizona Route 66

Summit Relics

Mojave Snow

CA Route 66

Colorado River

Hackberry, AZ

Valentine, AZ

Shadows of Route 66 ~ Arizona to New Mexico

Supai Motel, Seligman, Arizona Route 66

Crookton Road, Arizona Route 66

Old Lodge, Arizona Route 66

Padre Canyon Bridge at Twin Arrows

1914 Padre Canyon Bridge

Budville Stone Cabins

Seligman, AZ

Crookton Road

Pittman Valley

Padre Canyon

Padre Canyon

Budville, NM

Shadows of Route 66 ~ New Mexico to Oklahoma

Newkirk Post Office

Blue Swallow in Tucumcarri

Glen Rio Memories

Groom Courts

Groom Cows

Texola Gas

Newkirk, NM

Blue Swallow

Glen Rio, NM

Groom, TX

Groom Cows

Texola Gas

Shadows of Route 66 ~ Oklahoma to Missouri

Texola Ghost

Erick Memory

Chandler Meramec Barn

Catoosa's Blue Whale

Foyil Totem Pole

Route 66 West of Carthage, Missouri

Texola, OK

Erick, OK

Chandler, OK

Blue Whale

Foyil, OK

Missouri Rt. 66

Shadows of Route 66 ~ Missouri to Illinois

Stone Ruin Outside of Springfield

Big Piney Bridge at Devil's Elbow

John's Modern Cabins

Soulsby Station in Mount Olive, Illinois

Historic Atlanta, Illinois

Funk's Grove Antiques

Missouri Ghost

Devil's Elbow

Modern Cabins

Soulsby Station

Atlanta, IL

Funk's Grove

Shadows of Route 66 ~ Illinois

Rock Art Gallery

The Odell Standard Station



Moenave Petroglyphs, Arizona

Mormon Inscription, Moenave, Arizona

Kokopelli Petroglyphs, Sand Island, Utah

Odell, IL



Moenave, AZ

1881 Mormon




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