Route 66 Side Trip

Route 66 Side Trip

Ann's Chicken Fry

Route 66 Side Trip


Cities Service 1948 Ann's Chicken Fry House started life on Route 66 in 1948 as a Cities Service gas station. It operated as such along the Mother Road until 1966 when it was transformed into a restaurant called "Three Bulls Steak House."
In 1971 when Al Burchett returned home from Vietnam he was looking for something to do. He became a partner with his brother and they purchased the Three Bulls Steak House. They needed another name though and couldn't decide on one. With a stroke of inspiration they put all of their names, including their wives, in a hat and relied on pure luck. Ann, Al's brother's wife was drawn - and Ann's it became!

Al Burchett of Ann's Chicken Fry


Ann's Chicken Fry

The food at Ann's Chicken House is original, tasty, and always fresh! I had my first fried peaches, a delicacy I was a little leery of trying, but one bite convinced me that this was pure heaven. The food is fantastic. For fried green tomatoes, fried olives with cheese, and of course the best Chicken Fried Steak in the world you have got to stop by Ann's Chicken Fry House.

"So this is the way it's supposed to taste!"

~ the immortal words of Dennis Karlstad, Route 66 videographer,  when he took his first bite of chicken fried steak at Ann's Chicken Fry House. I guess that says it all.


Guys and Dolls

Howdy Doody

At Ann's Chicken Fry House you will find memories galore. The decor is sure to please any aging baby boomer with the memories it brings back. I know it brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. Younger folk will find it fun too if only to see mom and dad get all sentimental over Howdy Doody lunch boxes, old movie posters, and a colorful neon juke box. Of course the real treat is the food.

Ann's at night is just as thrilling. The neon lights can't be beat. For a nostalgic trip back in time this is the place to go.

Ann's Chicken Fry Mural

Ann's Chicken Fry Neon

Ann's Chicken Fry at Night

Journey to the Center of the Earth Poster This old movie poster has special meaning for me, and probably my brother too. Our mom took us to see this movie when it first came out. We spent an exciting day in downtown Denver at one of the old movie palaces. I think this movie was my first exposure to Jules Verne. Believe it or not I hadn't seen the famous 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Walt Disney yet. But Journey to the Center of the Earth had everything a small boy could possibly love. Dinosaurs, lost cities, treasure and volcanoes. How could I not like it?


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