Oklahoma Route 66

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Route 66


Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma City is the Capital of Oklahoma. There is history all around this town and old Route 66 cuts right through all of it. I was quite impressed by this city. It is a clean, modern and progressive metropolis that treats its history with respect. Older neighborhoods are well kept and historic architecture can be seen everywhere.

The State Capitol building is an imposing edifice in the midst of this plains city. Oklahoma City was founded during the great land rush of 1889. In a twenty-four hour period 20,000 people relocated here!


Oklahoma City National Memorial

At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995 our world changed forever. One hundred sixty-eight innocent people - husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters - lost their lives to a senseless act of domestic terrorism. The Oklahoma City National Memorial encompasses the now sacred soil where the Murrah Federal Building once stood ~ a testament to sorrow, loss and the resilience of the human spirit. My heart broke as I walked this modern trail of tears and reflected on all that could have been but for this terrible moment in time.

And Jesus Wept

Memorial Reflections


There are 168 empty chairs, one for each life lost here in the Field of Empty Chairs.


Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Wall

A portion of the Murrah Building wall still stands at the memorial.

The west gate to the memorial marks the time - one minute after the explosion - the moment we were changed forever.

Oklahoma City Memorial


Route 66 Side Trip for a Great OKC Meal:


Route 66 Bridge

Route 66 Overholser Bridge

This classic old steel truss bridge is located between Oklahoma City and Yukon on old Route 66 at Lake Overholser, or as the locals were want to call it; "Lake Hold Her Closer."  Lake Overholser is a man made lake that was once used as a sea-plane base during W.W.II.


The old Chisholm Trail once ran right through this area over a hundred years ago! Yukon, Oklahoma is on the old Chisholm Trail and a major Route 66 town. As I drove down the old highway I could see reminders from the days of the two-lanes. Yukon is a nice bedroom community of Oklahoma City now. It is well kept, clean and the people are as friendly as can be. I think this would be a nice place to live.

The old Yukon Flour Mill rises above the town and once was a major landmark in this part of Route 66 country. At night the beautiful neon can be seen for miles around.

Yukon Flour Mill


Sid's Diner

Sid's Diner in Yukon serves good old American cuisine with a 50s atmosphere. It is a true Route 66 Diner. Notice the Yukon Flour Mill in the distance.

Sid's Diner Car


Photographs Taken May, June 2003

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