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Erick Bank Erick, Oklahoma was founded in 1901 as a farming and ranching community. Later, oil and natural gas would influence the town. Hopes of a great natural gas boom petered out after W.W. II. and the town began its slow decline. Erick is another Route 66 town that has fallen on hard times. I noticed that the rather extensive main street, called Sheb Wooley Avenue, is lined with great old brick buildings, many now empty and silent.

Erick, Oklahoma in the 1930s

But Erick is by no means a ghost town. The old homes are well cared for, and there are modern businesses sprinkled throughout the downtown. There is a lot of history here in Erick. The town is proud of its native sons that made it big too. Erick is the home of Roger Miller, singer and songwriter, perhaps best known for his song "King of the Road." Sheb Wooley also hails from Erick. He played Pete Nolan on the old TV series "Rawhide" and wrote and sang the famous song "Purple People Eater."

Erick Museum

Sheb Whooly Ave. Erick is a town that is on the verge of rebirth. With the resurgence of interest in Route 66, Erick is primed to take off as a destination Route 66 town. I think Erick has a lot of potential to capitalize on the growth that Route 66 has to offer. There’s a lot to see in Erick too.
Erick Old Town The City Meat Market,  fourth building from left in the 1930s photo and today. The City Meat Market is reputed to be Erick's oldest building.

City Meat Market

Annabelle and Harley Just one block south of Roger Miller Boulevard in Erick’s oldest building, the old City Meat Market, can be found the one and only Sand Hill Curiosity Shop run by Harley and Annabelle - the Mediocre Musicians. The weary road wanderer is in for a treat when they drop by the old meat market just a block south of Route 66 in Erick. For it is here that you will meet some of the nicest folks to be found on Route 66. Harley and Annabelle Russell will put on a show for you and never ask for a dime. They just plain enjoy what they do and singing is what they do best! In my opinion there is nothing mediocre about those two.


Harley and Annabelle are putting Erick, Oklahoma back on the Route 66 map! Because of the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop more and more Route 66 travelers from all over the world are dropping by Erick.

Harley and Annabelle's Place



Erick Route 66 Memories

West Winds Motel

Motor Court Memories: The Westwinds Motel in Erick, Oklahoma 2003


Photographs Taken May, June 2003

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