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Alanreed, Texas
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Alanreed, Texas

Just a few miles west of McLean is the old Route 66 town of Alanreed. The glory days are over for this Mother Road Town - the Interstate brought those days to an end. Now it is a quiet little spot on the old highway. There is a nicely restored gas station though thanks to the efforts of the Historic Route 66 Association of Texas. Perhaps part of Alanreed's fascinating Route 66 history has to do with one of the most treacherous sections of Route 66 ~ the infamous Jericho Gap.

Restored Alanreed Station

Oldest Church in the Area

Beautifully restored gas station.

The oldest Church in the area.

Reptile Ranch 2003

Forgotten Reptile Ranch Cages

All that's left of the famous Reptile Ranch.
I didn't see any wayward snakes when I was there.

Forgotten cages return to nature at the
Reptile Ranch site ~ snakes were hiding I think.


Multi-Million Dollar Rest Room!

New Route 66 Rest Area in Donely County

Beautiful Art Deco Route 66 Safety Rest Area

Everything is just a little bit bigger and better in Texas! And that includes the rest rooms. The newest addition to the Texas DOT Safety Rest Areas is this fantastic Route 66 theme stop on east bound Interstate-40 at mile marker 129. To say I was impressed is putting it mildly. This is NOT a rest room but rather a Route 66 ATTRACTION that just so happens to have some public facilities.

Art Deco Information Center

Gives New Meaning to Texas Bar-B-Q!

What is really great about this stop is that it has interpretive computer programs, exhibits, and Route 66 history for the traveling public to enjoy. What better way to get the word out! Plan to stop and spend some time here, you won't be sorry you did. This newest rest area is located a short distance west of Alanreed, Texas on I-40.

Route 66 Playground

This Route 66 playground would delight any child. The interpretive Route 66 history around the playground just might be an educational experience too. But don't tell your kids, they'll be having too much fun on old Route 66!

Art Deco Rest Rooms

Route 66 Tile Work

Roadside comfort stations have never been this luxurious before! What happened to the shade tree, trash can, and if you were lucky - a picnic table?


Jericho Gap

Hazards of Early Road Travel in Texas

In the early days of Route 66 the section of Road from Alanreed to Groom was known as the Jericho gap and was notorious for bogging cars down in the mud after rainstorms. Local farmers and ranchers made supplemental income by pulling stranded motorists out of the mud for a fee. I've even heard tales of enterprising locals watering down the road to increase business. Now I don't know if that's true or not, but it is an interesting footnote to the history of the area. In the late 1920s Groom, Texas was gaining a notorious reputation because of the celebrated Jericho Gap!
The stories of the quagmire, the mud and delays spread all along the old highway and terrified early travelers. Even with the recapping and paving of Route 66 in the area during the 1930s, horror stories remained of the infamous Jericho Gap for decades. What remains of the Jericho Gap is now on private property and is not accessible.


Photographs Taken April 2003

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