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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
April 28, 2003

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Getting Ready!

The Jim Conkle Family and Friends bid farewell to us in front of the Route 66 Caravan RV.

Conkle Family and Friends Bid Farewell

Last Minute Chores

Mounting Signs on the Trailer The Route 66 Caravan is a team effort. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that no one really knows about. Just to get the RV ready for the trip was a full time job for Hampton Inns and Jim Conkle. On Monday April 28 it was time to finish up the last minute details. The wrap had been put on, the tires replaced and the engine checked out.
It was decided to mount some Roadside Attraction signs on the trailer. Jerry Clark and Bob Sommermeyer pitched in to help us with the work.

Range RV, Jim’s RV service shop, insured that the RV was ready to go.

At Range RV


Blessing the RV

But not all bases were covered yet. With a trip of this magnitude we wanted a little divine intervention so we had the Route 66 Caravan RV blessed by Father Frank of Our Lady of Snows. Even the Father’s dog blessed the new tires for good measure! We were ready, or so we thought. Every contingency had been considered (we hoped), and we were ready we to get on the highway and head for Santa Monica. Blessing of the RV
This was the first time I’d ridden in the RV and as we left Hesperia and entered the traffic of Interstate 15 on our way to Cajon Pass I couldn’t help but notice how very narrow those traffic lanes looked when compared to the girth of our RV. I was soon to glean a new respect for RV drivers.


New Friends Along the Way to Santa Monica

Old Route 66 Restaurant in Lavern

Jim Conkle and New Friend, P.J., at Michael J's

We made our way down Cajon Pass and got off at San Bernardino. We were on Route 66 now. We decided to take the Mother Road into Santa Monica so we followed Foothill Boulevard through the Inland Empire. At LaVern we stopped for lunch at Michael J’s Restaurant. This is an old Route 66 establishment and the food is great as well as the service. It was here we met PJ, a waitress who has a certain affection for the Mother road. She was intrigued by our upcoming adventure and just couldn't believe we were going on this great adventure. PJ was indicative of the great people we were to meet all along the road.


Hampton Inn at Santa Monica

Hampton Crew at Santa Monica We finally made it to Santa Monica were we met up with Melissa Obrien and Tori Walsh of Hampton Inns. This was the first time they had seen the fully functional and decorated RV. As you can tell we were all pretty excited. The official kick-off was about to begin.
We had a fantastic dinner at Hal’s Bar and Grill in Venice, yes I know it’s not on Route 66, but the food and atmosphere was great. Perchance it was because of the attentiveness of Michael Whitehouse, our waiter. Hi Michael - we promised to mention his name J


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