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April 29, 2003

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Santa Monica 66 Caravan Kick-Off

West End of the Mother Road

Sunrise at the Santa Monica Pier The day we had been waiting for had finally arrived. The Route 66 Caravan was to officially start! Our kick-off was held in Palisades Park, just a short block away from the Santa Monica Pier. As the sun rose over the mountains to our east I pondered all that this Mother Road came to symbolize to a nation on the move. We were now at its western terminus.


Ocean and Santa Monica Blvd.

The intersection of Ocean Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. at Palisades Park is really the official end of Route 66. West End of Route 66
Will Roger's Highway Marker Here you will find the famous Will Rogers plaque celebrating Route 66 as the Will Rogers Highway. The Santa Monica Pier has long been considered the unofficial end of Route 66. It had become the symbolic end of Route 66. Our goal with the Route 66 Caravan will be to travel "pier to pier" so to say from Santa Monica to Chicago’s Lake Michigan.


Santa Monica's New Roadside Attraction Sign

Follow Me to Save Route 66 The kick-off event was a huge success. Hampton Inn’s Roadside Attraction sign was placed near the Will Rogers plaque. The news media, local folk, the Road Kings hot rod club, Santa Monica mayor Richard Bloom and Hampton executives all stood proudly as the new sign was uncovered.
Martin Milner, lead actor of the original TV series Route 66 even made an appearance at the kick-off celebration. What a collection of fans of the Mother Road! Martin Milner
New Hampton Roadside Attraction Sign

Martin Milner, Judy Christa-Cathey, Hampton VP of Marketing, and Jim Conkle at the new Roadside Attraction sign in Santa Monica


Thank You Hampton Inn®!

Hampton-Hilton Executives

Thank you Hampton for helping sponsor this major event to celebrate America and its fabled highway. Melissa Obrien, Hampton PR, Hilton President, Franchise Development, Tom Keltner and Hilton CEO Stephen Bollenbach, can justly be proud of all their accomplishments.


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