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May 01, 2003

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Route 66 Museums

Victorville: California Route 66 Museum

Jim Was Here
Kilroy... er Jim Was Here!

The museum was established in Old Town Victorville, California on November 11, 1995, along a stretch of the old Mother Road once resplendent with cafes and highway watering holes. The museum building itself was once a Route 66 roadhouse, the Red Rooster Cafe. In fact the movie "The Jazz Singer" starring Neil Diamond was filmed here. Come walk down the sidewalks of Old Town Victorville and experience the feel of old Route 66 again at the California Route 66 Museum.
Setting Up the Victorville Sign

Victorville Museum

The museum maintains and displays a collection of historic photographs and artifacts related to the history of Route 66 and its communities.

The museum gift shop offers many fine gifts, jewelry, books and clothing related to Route 66. Several products are exclusive to the museum.

Victorville Roadside Attraction Sign


Oro Grande: Antique Station

Oro Grande (Grand Gold in English) was named for the high hopes of the early prospectors who came through the area. Unfortunately the gold mines in the area never turned out to be all that grand. In the late 1880's a limestone quarry replaced the gold mines as the reason for the town's existence. Cement rather than gold became the main economic reason for Oro Grande. There are numerous businesses still located here that owe their existence to Route 66. Among them is the fascinating Antique Station, a virtual potpourri of interesting curios both modern and antique.

Antique Station Crew
Crew at the Antique Station. Clockwise from left to right: Jerry Clark, Tom Roney, Nancy Brooklier, Janet Thomas, and Jim Conkle.

Oro Grande Antique Station
Owner Nancy Brooklier invites you to browse the Antique Station in Oro Grande.


Barstow Mother Road Museum

Barstow, named after William Barstow Strong, was the president of the Santa Fe Railroad at that time. The beautiful Casa Del Desierto Harvey House was built in 1910. Today it has been restored by the city of Barstow and is the site of the Route 66 Mother Road Museum. Next door to the museum the City of Barstow has just opened its new Railroad Museum. You haven't seen Barstow if you haven't seen these great museums!

Barstow Museum Crew
Museum staff proudly point to Barstow along old Route 66.

Barstow Mother Road Museum

Barstow Roadside Attraction Sign

Debra Hodkin and Gloria Darling unveil the new Route 66 Roadside Attraction sign with the help of Barstow city officials. Jim Conkle supervises and offers helpful suggestions.


Casa del Desierto Harvey House

Casa del Desierto One of the finest examples of the classic old Harvey Houses of the Santa Fe Railroad can be found in Barstow. Thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens this unique treasure of another era can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Trains still roll by the Casa Del Desierto (House of the Desert) but passengers don't stop anymore.

Barstow Harvey House


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