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May 01, 2003

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Newberry Springs

Bagdad Cafe

Bagdad Cafe Bagdad Cafe, a movie centering on old Route 66, was filmed in the Newberry Springs area. The Bagdad Cafe located in Newberry Springs is not the original Bagdad Cafe, the original cafe was located in the town of Bagdad between Amboy and Ludlow on old Route 66. Nothing remains of the old cafe in Bagdad. The Newberry Springs cafe is a Route 66 survivor though and was once known as the Sidewinder Cafe. After the movie was filmed here the name Bagdad Cafe just seemed to stick. It is open for business today serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bagdad Roadside Attraction Sign

Bagdad Crew

Hank Halmark, Helen Baker, Kevin Hansel, Jim Conkle, Ken and Debra Hodkin, Yuta Saito from Japan (center) pose at the new Route 66 Roadside Attraction Sign at Bagdad Cafe.


Old Whiting Brothers Gas Station

Mary McGee has a dream! She hopes to restore the old Whiting Brothers Gas Station in Newberry Springs as a Route 66 attraction ~ A MUSEUM AND GIFT SHOP. Mary, a retired schoolteacher, has been coming here since the 1970s to find peace and solitude in Route 66's high desert splendor and would like to share her experiences with other travelers. Bagdad Whiting Brothers
Bagdad Whiting Brothers with Route 66 Caravan

Mary McGee, Debra Hodkin and Jim Conkle

The Route 66 Caravan RV sits along vintage gas pumps at Mary's Whiting Brothers Station. Mary generously donates some valuable Whiting Brothers Employee Newspapers to Debra Hodkin of the Barstow Mother Road Museum.


Adventure on California Route 66

Road Runner Cafe.jpg Santa Fe Engine at Siberia
Between Ludlow and Essex one of the longest stretches of Route 66 in California remains. Get off the Interstate and take a cruise through yesteryear. Stop and reflect awhile at the small towns like Amboy, Chambles, and Cadiz that once watched a nation roll by on the most celebrated highway of all ~ Route 66.


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