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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
May 27, 2003

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The Sandhills Curiosity Shop

Harley and Annabelle the Mediocre Musicians

  The One and Only Harley

The one and only Harley invites you to join Annabelle and him for some down home country redneck fun!

  The weary road wanderer is in for a treat when they drop by the old meat market just a block south of Route 66 in Erick. For it is here that you will meet some of the nicest folks to be found on Route 66. Harley and Annabelle Russell will put on a show for you and never ask for a dime. They just plain enjoy what they do and singing is what they do best! In my opinion there is nothing mediocre about those two.

Harley & Annabelle

  Route 66 Caravan at the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop  

The Route 66 Caravan gang poses with our new best friends, Harley and Annabelle.

Jim and Annabelle

Sand Hills Curiosity Shop

When the Route 66 Caravan pulled in front of the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of family. Both Harley and Annabelle treated us like kinfolk! Harley's mom cooked us a home cooked meal which was great. (Yes, we're eating again after that 72-ouncer at the Big Texan and yes, Becky Ransom is our good friend again too.)


A Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Welcome Route 66 Caravan

Route 66 Caravan




Harley and Annabelle are putting Erick, Oklahoma back on the Route 66 map! Because of the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop more and more Route 66 travelers from all over the world are dropping by Erick.

Here We Are!

  Bob Kemp &Jeff Spears Erick is in for a rocking time with Harley and Annabelle, but they are just the tip of the iceberg so to say. Bob Kemp (left center) plans to open a new store on Route 66 in Erick soon, the Harleys and Hot Rods, that will specialize in vintage autos, bikes and hard to find parts. Jeff Spears (right center) is president of the Western Plains Chapter of Downed Bikers, a charity group that helps bikers and their families recover from motorcycle accidents. For more information about this great organization e-mail Jeff Spears.
Jim's Kiss

Harley and Annabelle show their gratitude to Jim for their Roadside Attraction sign.


After our Hampton Save-A-Landmark Roadside Attraction sign presentation we had lunch at the Sand Hill Curiosity Shop where The Mediocre Musicians played for us.

Harley & Annabelle the Music Makers


Sand Hills Curiosity Shop Roadside Attraction


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