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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
May 27, 2003

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Elk City, Oklahoma

National Route 66 Museum

  Route 66 Caravan at Elk City Elk City is a Route 66 town from the git-go. In 1931 the US Highway 66 Association held its annual convention here. More than 20,000 people attended too! That's a pretty sizable crowd for those days I'm thinking. Elk City is also the site of the Old Town Museum. In its many years of operation it has expanded to include a Route 66 museum.
  National Route 66 Museum

Myrtle Kachina

  The National Route 66 Museum celebrates Route 66, not only in Oklahoma, but all eight Route 66 states. The museum focuses on the people who lived, worked and traveled the Mother Road and offers the road wanderer a walk through all eight states. The realistic murals and exhibits feature vintage automobiles and antiques from the hey-day of Route 66.  

Magnolia Station Exhibit

Missouri Exhibit

Texas Panhandle Exhibit

Motel Exhibit

Life-sized exhibits celebrate Route 66 in all eight states. The vintage automobiles are great too.


National Route 66 Museum Neon

The new Route 66 neon is one of - if not the - biggest shield I've seen.


Roadside Attraction

Wanda Queenan: Route 66 Icon
Wanda Queenan

The National Route 66 Museum has a great gift shop. Books, trinkets, and all sorts of memorabilia can be found here. Route 66 road icon Wanda Queenan works in the gift shop and can help you with your purchases. I know she helped me. Wanda and her husband Reese opened the Queenan Trading Post in Elk City in 1948. That trading post became a well-known landmark in the area.

Jim and Maxine Johnson, museum manager, discuss the future of Route 66 at the sign dedication.

Maxine Johnson

  Country Commisioners

Elk City Commissioners attend the Roadside Attraction sign unveiling. Left to right~ Tom Johnson, Don Wham, Pam Gregory, Jim, Wanda Queenan, Maxine Johnson, Cheryl Sipes and Anna Redaelli.


National Route 66 Museum Roadside Attraction


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