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May 28, 2003

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Lucilles in Hydro

Lucilles in Hydro, Oklahoma

After the museum dedication in Clinton it was time to hurry on down the road to Yukon, just outside of Oklahoma City for our next event. I had one very important stop to make though, I wanted to see the place where my very good friend Cheryl Nowka grew up. She's the daughter of Lucille Hamons  ~ the Mother of the Mother Road.
Lucille's was established right on Route 66 in 1941 and a nation on the move has passed right by this old station. Cheryl has told me stories of her childhood growing up above the gas pumps and for me this was a special stop. I could imagine a young Cheryl Nowka around getting into all sorts of mischief here.

Lucilles Gas and Cabins


Cheryl Cory Memorial


One other stop I just had to make was to visit the memorial to another road friend who tragically lost her life in an auto accident two years ago. Cheryl Cory will not be forgotten. She was a true roadie. She was such a friend to all up and down Route 66 that we thought that a memorial to her across the street from Lucilles would be fitting. Lucilles was one of her favorite places and she and Lucille Hamons were good friends. Today as I silently reflected on my friends that have moved on to that never ending highway I felt strangely at peace. This is all part of life, part of a bigger grand scheme. And don't you think life itself is much like a highway, always moving on, hopefully to better places?


Route 66 Caravan's Welcome in Yukon

Route 66 Caravan at the Hampton Yukon After I visited Lucilles in Hydro I had to make up some time. While taking pictures I saw Jim pass in the Route 66 Caravan RV. I told myself I could catch up with him easily. After all, Jim certainly doesn't have a lead foot when it comes to driving the caravan RV pulling a trailer to boot. Boy was I wrong. Somehow Jim's foot got a lot heavier than earlier.
I had one heck of time catching up with Jim. The caravan finally came into sight at El Reno. I'm glad I got up to them because as soon as we approached the city limits of Yukon we were met by the Yukon police for an escort to Hampton Inn Yukon. I was last in line and I kinda reveled in the fact that I was being followed by one of Yukon's finest, lights blazing (any other time I would have been horrified to see this sight in my rear view mirror) as I ran all the red lights in Yukon. That was fun. I wonder if they would let me do it again sometime?
  Yukon Girl Scouts

Yukon Girl Scouts Welcome the Route 66 Caravan


Hampton Inn Yukon rolled out the red carpet for us. We were met by the Yukon Girl Scouts that presented Jim with their award. All our caravan members lucked out too. The Girl Scouts gave us some cookies! Now I like that too.


Yukon Mayor, Earline Smaistrla, presents Jim with a proclamation from the city making this weekend officially Yukon's Route 66 Heritage weekend.

Yukon Mayor Earline Smaistrla


Yukon Chamber of Commerce

Jim Conkle with the Yukon Chamber of Commerce


Timothy Brewer of the Clan MacGregor

Timothy Brewer of the Clan MacGregor welcomes the Route 66 Caravan to Yukon in true Celtic Style. What an honor this was for all of us.

John Knuppel Railroad Historian

Al Zajic  Czech Festival

Railroad Historian John Knuppel

Czech Representative, Al Zajic

JW & MaryJo Parker

Chisolm Trail Historians J.W. and Mary Jo Parker talk about the early days of Yukon.

The Route 66 Caravan Thanks Hampton Inn and the City of Yukon for the Wonderful Welcome We Received!


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