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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
May 29, 2003

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Oklahoma City Tour

Express Ranch


Doug Saunter

Traci Yarbrough of Hampton Inn Yukon and the Yukon Visitors and Convention Bureau put together a great bus tour of the Oklahoma City area for the Route 66 Caravan. For me it was a treat because I hadn't spent much time in Oklahoma. What I saw today changed my preconceived image of Oklahoma forever. This is one cool state! There is history all around Oklahoma City and old Route 66 cuts right through all of it.
    The tour started at the Express Ranch and the Clydesdale Welcome Center. As we drove up to the gate the theme song from the old television series "Dallas" went through my head. The Express Ranch was a well kept, beautiful spread steeped in history. The old Chisholm Trail once ran right through this area over a hundred years ago! Doug Saunter gave us a brief history of the Clydesdales then turned us city slickers loose to explore the old barn.

Yukon Girl Scout Troop 71 left to right, Cara Cox, Erica Serrano, Belinda Woods - Troop Leader, Jessica Woods, and Leanna Cox look pretty small next to this beautiful Clydesdale.

Girl Scout Troop 71

  Express Ranch Crew

Behind every successful ranch are the ranch hands. Here we have Jason Bergin, Melinda Owens, Jacque Northrip, and Josh Minshull.


Traci Yarbrough Hampton GM
Traci Yarbrough is not too sure of Prince's intentions.


Yukon, Oklahoma

Yukon Flour Mill

Yukon, Oklahoma is on the old Chisholm Trail and a major Route 66 town. As the bus went down the old highway I could see reminders from the days of the two-lanes. Yukon is a nice bedroom community of Oklahoma City. It is well kept, clean and the people are as friendly as can be. I think this would be a nice place to live.


The old Yukon Flour Mill rises above the town and once was a major landmark in this part of Route 66 country. Sid's Diner serves good old American cuisine with a 50s atmosphere.

Sids Diner


Oklahoma City Sites

Oklahoms State Capitol

The State Capitol building is an imposing edifice in the midst of this plains city. Oklahoma City was founded during the great land rush of 1889. In a twenty-four hour period 20,000 people relocated here!


Oklahoma City is one of the cleanest cities I've seen. It is a green grass tree studded oasis with plenty of parks and museums. There are numerous historical districts that celebrate the diversity of this old farming and ranching community.

Fire Fighters Sculpture
Oklahoma Firefighters Museum is just one of many in this All-American city.


Oklahoma City National Memorial

And Jesus Wept
And Jesus Wept...

At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995 our world changed forever. One hundred sixty-eight innocent people - husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters - lost their lives to a senseless act of domestic terrorism. The Oklahoma City National Memorial encompasses the now sacred soil where the Murrah Federal Building once stood ~ a testament to sorrow, loss and the resilience of the human spirit. My heart broke as I walked this modern trail of tears and reflected on all that could have been but for this terrible moment in time.


The west gate to the memorial marks the time - one minute after the explosion - the moment we were changed forever.

Oklahoma City Memorial

  Oklahoma City Reflections

There are 168 empty chairs, one for each life lost here in the Field of Empty Chairs.


Oklahoma City Wall Ruins
A portion of the Murrah Building wall still stands at the memorial.





Kincaid Bus Tours


Marshal Dunhan, Tour Guide, and David Bishop, our driver, gave all of us a professional, entertaining, and educational tour of the Oklahoma City area. I'll tell you what, I like this town, especially Yukon!

Marshal Dunhan & David Bishop


Hampton Inn, Yukon

Traci Yarbrough and Family


This great day was the brainchild of Traci Yarbrough and the Yukon Visitors and Convention Bureau. After the tour Traci, General Manager of Hampton Inn Yukon, and her family posed by our caravan. Pictured from left to right: Dennis Karlstad, Jim Conkle, Maryah, Briana, Traci and Randy Yarbrough.


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