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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
May 31, 2003

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Warwick, Oklahoma

Seaba Station

In 1924, two years before Route 66 would be certified, the Seaba Station was built. This business was the dream of John and Alice Seaba. The Seaba Station, as it became known, operated on this stretch of Route 66 as a garage and NevrNox filling station. In the thirties John Seaba installed the machinery and equipment needed to repair automobile connecting rods. He was successful at this new business venture and soon the Seaba Filling Station became Seaba Manufacturing Company. During World War Two the company held contracts with the U.S. Government to rebuild connecting rods for government vehicles.
  Route 66 at Warwick

Route 66 winds through the beautiful countryside at Warwick and Seaba Station.

  In 1951 John Seaba sold the business to Victor and June Briggs. When Victor was killed in a small aircraft accident June ran the business herself. Despite the prejudices associated with a woman running a business in such a male oriented area, the business thrived. In the 1960s June was recognized by "Motor Trend" and "Hot Rod" magazine.

Seaba Station

  Seaba Station Route 66 Antiques and Gifts   In 1987 June sold the business and building to a father and son team who ran the business for seven more years. Then in 1995 Sonny and Sue Preston bought the building, which had been listed on the Register of Historic Places. The building needed extensive restoration. Sonny and Sue were up to the task.
They worked nights and weekends for five years until finally they opened their doors as The Seaba Station Antiques, Gifts & Collectibles.

Seaba Station Antiques

Seaba Station's Sue Preston

Sue Preston of Seaba Station. She's ordering pizza for everybody.


Roadside Attraction Ceremony

Route 66 Cookies Sue and Sonny have become true ambassadors of the Mother Road and welcome all whom cross their threshold. The ceremony we held today to install the roadside attraction sign is a small gesture of how much we love those two. Thanks for all the hard work.
  I was quite impressed by the turnout. Of course knowing Sue as I do, I could expect nothing less. Sue even had a special cake and Route 66 cookies baked to celebrate this event. People from all over Warwick and event some Oklahoma State senators came. It was a grand old Route 66 party!

Sue With Route 66 Cake

  Seaba Ceremony

Seaba Ceremony


Left to right ~ Gerry Greenfield, Hank Hackworth, Fred Coulson - Warwick Mayor, June Orr - previous owner, Sonny & Sue Preston, State Senator Harry Coates, Jim and State Representative Danny Morgan.

Sonny and Sue Preston watch as Senator Coates and Representative Morgan praise the Seba Station. Senator Coates was just presented an original Route 66 PostMarkArt from Ken Turmel (that's what's in the tube).


For more PostMarkArt info:

Seaba Dignitaries

Senator Coates poses with Don and Sally Ferrell. Don was State Senator from 1966 - 1974 and Sally is a board member of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.


Roadside Attraction sign unveiling. Sue was so excited to be recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program as a sight worth seeing. Actually, we are the ones who are honored to be a part of Sue's dream.

Seaba Unveiling

Seaba Station Attraction Sign


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