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June 01, 2003

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Chandler, Oklahoma

Route 66 Town

Chandler, Oklahoma is a beautiful old town located on old Route 66. The morning drive from Oklahoma City was a delight. This old desert rat was very impressed with the green rolling hills and trees. I must admit I'm quite taken with Oklahoma - apart from the humidity and tornadoes that is.

Route 66 on the Way to Chandler

  Merimac Caverns Sign About 3 miles from Chandler as we were going east we came across this old barn painted with the Meramec Caverns sign. Until this point I've only read about these famous landmarks that once dotted the countryside along Route 66. This barn is the only one left in Oklahoma now.
  Chandler was founded in 1891 and has some picturesque old buildings in the downtown area. Well, the ones you see today are the survivors from a tornado that ripped through the town in 1897. This old pillared building is a rather unique structure that was built in 1926. It is still being used as a one-screen movie theater too.

Old Chandler Movie Theater


Lincoln County Museum

  The Chandler area harks back to the days of the wild west. Cromwell, Oklahoma, a nearby town, was the scene of the last gunfight of the Wild West. Celebrated lawman Bill Tilgman lost his life in a gun battle with Wiley Lynn, a federal prohibition agent in 1924 and is buried in the Chandler cemetery. The Lincoln County Museum is a great stop off for some of the local history of the pioneers and Route 66.


Chandler Historic Phillips 66 Station

Route 66 Caravan at the Chandler Phillips Station Chandler is the home to a classic cottage style "B" type Phillips 66 station built in the late 1920s. This old filling station is being restored by Bill Fernau and has been featured in the Native America poster series for Oklahoma. Hampton Inns felt this was a fitting Roadside Attraction and a sight worth seeing on Route 66.

Bill Fernau

Chandler Phillips 66 Station


Bill Fernau, proud owner of the old Chandler Phillips 66 Station.

This station provides a glimpse back to yesteryear.

  Phillips Ceremony

Bill Fernau, Kathie Dickson, Sandra and Burke Bailey along with Jim Conkle dedicate the new Roadside Attraction sign.


Dennis Karlstad interviews Bill Fernau in front of our caravan RV. The old Phillips Station is a work in progress and will be a draw for travelers exploring old Route 66.

Interview with Bill Fernau


Chandler Phillips Sign

Jim and the Mustang
Jim is in his groove with this classic Mustang.

Chandler Phillips Station Roadside Attraction


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