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June 02, 2003

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Tulsa's 11th Street Bridge

A Route 66 Architectural Marvel

Tulsa was founded in 1879 with the establishment of its first post office. The town has deep Native American roots. The Creek Indians from Alabama were relocated here in the 1880s. In fact the town was originally called Tulsey Town for this Indian community. The railroad came to town in 1882 insuring Tulsa's economic growth. I guess the real clincher for an up and coming Oklahoma town was the oil boom brought on by the first commercial well located across the river in Red Fork in 1901.

11th Street Bridge 1915
1916 photo of the new 11th Street Bridge.

The famous 11th Street Bridge over the Arkansas River was completed in December 1915. When Route 66 became a reality this was the bridge used to channel a nation on the move west. Tulsa's expansion into the west bank of the Arkansas River was due in large part to this wonderful bridge.
  The design and detail of the 11th Street bridge is a beautiful example of early Art Deco style. This bridge was used from 1916 through 1972 then it was discontinued when the Interstate bypassed it.

11th Street Bridge Detail

  Old 11th Street Bridge  

Pre-Art Deco Design

Not too long ago the 11th Street Bridge was almost forgotten, but the resurgence of interest in Route 66 has brought about a revival in everything Route 66 and the 11th Street Bridge is no exception.


11th Street Bridge Roadside Attraction

Guest Speakers

Michael and Suzanne Wallis give the dedication speech ~

"This bridge and places like it are here to remind us of the times before America became generic."

  Jim Conkle & William Edmundson Mayor of Tulsa

Jim and Hampton V.P. William Edmundson at the ceremony.

Tulsa Mayor Bill Lafortune extols the merits of Tulsa.


The 11th Street Bridge is certainly a sight worth seeing. Suzanne and Michael Wallis along with Joy Avery, Cyrus Avery's granddaughter, support the efforts of historic preservation.

Michael & Suzzane Wallace with Joy Avery

Hampton Executives

Sand Springs Hampton Employees


Hampton executives William Edmundson and Melissa OBrien join the 66 Caravan for this historic event.

Sand Springs Hampton employees join in the celebration of the 11th Street Bridge. Left to right ~ Joshua Wickham, Pete Patel, Rochelle Austin, Pattie Pitts, and Mike Trudeau.

11th Street Bridge Attraction Sign


Joy Avery: Granddaughter of Cyrus Avery

Joy Avery The Route 66 Caravan had the special honor of spending time with Joy Avery, Cyrus Avery's granddaughter. Cyrus Avery is known as the Father of Route 66 and he was instrumental in the routing and naming of this celebrated highway. Because of Cyrus Avery, Route 66 crossed through Oklahoma following the little known "Gold Road" and brought an economic boost to his home state.

Ozark Trail Highway Commission
Cyrus Avery (third from left) with the Ozark Trails highway commission. The Ozark Trail would soon become a part of Route 66.


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