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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
June 01, 2003

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Tulsa Route 66 Harley Owners Group

Route 66 Road HOGs

The Tulsa Route 66 Harley Owner's Group (HOG) came in full force to Stroud to welcome the Route 66 Caravan to their neck of the woods. We felt very honored indeed to be given and escort all the way to Tulsa Town down the Mother Road. Talk about poetry in motion! There's something pretty awesome about following these beautiful machines down the highway, especially if the highway just so happens to be Route 66.

  Scott Bunch ~ Head Road Captain

Scott Bunch, Head Road Captain of the Route 66 Harley Owners Group, puts a finger on one great Route 66 Town.

Harleys and Route 66 what an "All American" combination!

Classic Harley


I must be getting lazy or something because I'm going to forgo any captions here and just let you drool over these beautiful bikes. After all the pictures say it all! What a day for a ride.


HOG Beauty tis a Thing of Wonder

Route 66 Priorities

HOG Escort to Tulsa

HOG Escort to Tulsa

  Harley Route 66 Road Trip

HOG Route 66 Tour


Tulsa's Route 66 Harley Davidson Shop

Larry & Pat Wofford

Larry and Pat Wofford are Tulsa Route 66 heroes. They own the Route 66 Harley Davidson Shop and promote the Mother Road whenever they can.

Route 66 Caravan

Larry Points Out Tulsa

The Route 66 caravan just had to drop by Route 66 Harley Davidson ~ We weren't sorry either. This is one great Route 66 themed dealership!

Art Deco Style End of Route 66

Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Edition

The shop floor is a road map of Route 66 that starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles.

Ride Two American Legends!
~ These Harleys are ready to take a road trip down the Mother Road!

Michael Wallis & Larry Wofford

Michael Wallis, a Harley owner himself, dropped by to say hi.

"Route 66 goes through eight states but we say it should be nine ~ the ninth being a state of mind!"


Visit the Route 66 Harley Shop online at:

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