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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
June 18, 2003

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Route 66 Icons in Springfield, Illinois

The Famous Cozy Drive In

Cozy Dogs

The Cozy Dog is one of a kind! When you visit the Cozy Drive In please never, never call it a corn dog. The original Cozy Dog was invented by Ed Waldmire while he was in the Air Force stationed in Amarillo. It was such a hit on the base that after he was honorably discharged he decided to sell them in his own hot dog stand. There was only one problem - the name! Ed called his invention "crusty curs" - a name that worked great in the military but didn't go over too well with Ed's wife.


  After some debate the name was changed to "Cozy Dogs" because after all, they were so good that you couldn't eat just one. A pair was much better and a lot more cozy. Ed opened his hot dog stand in 1949, then moved his store to Route 66 a year later. The Cozy Drive In has been operated by the Waldmire family on the Mother Road ever since.

Cozy Drive In





Route 66 Caravan at the Cozy Drive In

Cozy Drive In Sign

For over 50 years the Waldmire family has been serving their unique hot dog on a stick, french fries and lots of great times here at the Cozy Drive In. Today the diner has a fine selection of Route 66 memorabilia, souvenirs, and good food. In fact on July 4th this year Sue Waldmire will be in Chicago and the Cozy Dog will be featured as a "Taste of the State" winner! If you haven't had a Cozy Dog you've missed a real award-winning Route 66 experience.
Cozy Drive In Interior

Having Fun at the Cozy Drive In

The Cozy Drive In with lots of satisfied customers, among them Kevin Hansel and Bob Waldmire.

Bill looks like he's having fun with Kim, Jim and Sharon ~ of course they don't know it!


The One & Only Bob Waldmire

Bob Waldmire
  Inside the Cozy Drive In you will find a large selection of truly authentic Route 66 artwork, postcards and posters celebrating the many attractions on Route 66 and the Mother Road herself. These wondrous works of art were all done by the master road wanderer himself, Bob Waldmire. Bob's dad, Ed, invented the Cozy Dog so Bob is as much a part of Route 66 as the celebrated diner. Bob has traveled Route 66 many times in his vintage VW Bus. To meet Bob on the road is to have a blast from the past for he truly is the original Route 66 Hippie. There's a good chance you will meet him too on the Mother Road if you travel it often enough. Today the Route 66 Caravan was lucky enough to catch up with him at the Cozy Drive In where he was visiting his sister-in-law, Sue Waldmire. Bob is one of a kind and a nicer Route 66er you'll never meet. I know I've been hoping to meet him for years but it seems like I was always a day or two late! It was a sincere pleasure to finally catch up with him!


Cozy Drive In Roadside Attraction

Putting Up the Sign

Putting the new sign up at the Cozy Drive In. At least we didn't have to drive posts for this one!


Sue Waldmire, owner of the Cozy Drive In, Jim, and Bob Waldmire clowning around at the Roadside Attraction sign dedication.

Sue and Bob Waldmire

The Waldmire Family

The Waldmire family ~ Terry Impson, Sue's fiancée, Nick Waldmire, Tony Waldmire, Sue, Jim and Bob at the dedication ceremony.


Route 66 movers and shakers ~ Kim Rosendahl and Sharon Johnson of the Springfield Convention & Visitor's Bureau and Patty Kuhn of the Route 66 Heritage Project at the Cozy Drive In.

Kim, Sharon and Patty

Springfield is gearing up for its annual International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in September and these fine ladies are at the forefront of putting it together. In conjunction with the festival the National Historic Route 66 Federation will be holding its annual John Steinbeck Awards Evening. There's so much planned for this year that every "roadie" that can should circle the dates of September 26 - 28 and attend. For more information check out the National Historic Route 66 web site at

Roadside Attraction Sign


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