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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
June 18, 2003

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Bill Shea's Vintage Route 66 Collection

Shea's Station Last year at the Springfield Mother Road Festival in September Jim Conkle along with Hampton's Save-A-Landmark project presented Bill Shea with a Roadside Attraction sign for all he has done to promote Route 66. Originally Shea's was a working gas station and garage but over the years something wonderful happened. It became a monument to Route 66 and those wonderful old time gas stations that once lined America's highways in the pre-Interstate era.

Bill has been able to amass a large collection of vintage gas pumps and other filling station memorabilia. Bill even saved and then moved another old gas station onto his property.

Vintage Gas Pumps


Bill Shea

Bill Shea has been running his business for over half a century here. Drop in for a while to peruse his collection and perchance hear some great stories of Route 66.

Helen and Bill Shea

Bill's Present


Helen and Bill Shea still greet the Route 66 traveler with the same friendly smiles that has earned them the title of Route 66 Icons.

"Just what I always wanted!" Bill exclaims as Jim presents him with a gas globe light as a gift.

Shea's Roadside Attraction Sign


Springfield: Lincoln's Town

Springfield, Illinois is a very historical town. This is the "Land of Lincoln" and you can walk the same streets and visit the same places that Abraham Lincoln walked and visited. A stroll through downtown Springfield is a trip back in time fraught with all the drama, tragedy and triumph of a nation in turmoil.
Springfield Old Capital Building

The Old State Capitol where Lincoln delivered his famous "House Divided" speech. These certainly are hallowed halls!


The Lincoln House has been preserved as it was from the days of Abraham Lincoln. After the tragic assassination the house was donated to the American people for all time as a way of remembering a great man.

Lincoln's Home

Lincoln's Tomb

Sculpture at Lincoln's Tomb

The Lincoln Tomb is an awesome monument to one of the greatest men in American history. And a tribute to the strength of a nation even through the tumultuous Civil War. When I toured this historic monument I was in awe and profoundly moved. All I can say is that for me it was a spiritual experience.


Hampton's Spirit of Pride Award Winner

James Davis


When the Route 66 Caravan pulled into the Springfield Hampton Inn and Suites we had the pleasure and honor of meeting up with James Davis, Maintenance Engineer, and the Spirit of Pride Award Winner for Hampton Inns. I've been impressed by the attitude, dedication and commitment of all the Hampton employees I've met on the Route 66 Caravan and James Davis heads the top of the list. In my book Hampton and the Hilton Family is what a responsible corporation should be. With Hampton's Save-A-Landmark program we all win!


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