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June 26 - 29, 2003

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Guy's Return Trip on Route 66

Missouri Route 66

On Thursday the 26th of June, Jim and I left St. Louis to continue our journey to Joplin, Missouri. Along the way I wanted to take more pictures of some of the great sights along Route 66. These are sites that for one reason or another we missed as the 66 Caravan worked its way east to Chicago. I drove through many of the towns the caravan had passed through weeks earlier. I saw our Roadside Attraction signs posted here and there along the highway. Each town brought back memories of the fantastic people we had met on our way to Chicago. Though this was the end of the Route 66 Caravan, I knew that I would be coming back through again soon. The International Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Illinois is just around the corner in September and both Jim and I plan to attend. Without further ado I present a gallery of Route 66 sights to be found along the Mother Road - sights that were not presented the first time through. By all means this is not an all-inclusive gallery to be sure. There's so much to see on Route 66, you just have to get out on the road and explore it for yourself.

Pacific Silica Mines

Pacific, Missouri

These Silica Mines in Pacific intrigued me when we passed through the first time on our way to the Red Cedar Inn. Silica for the making of glass is a major industry in Pacific.


The Diamonds Restaurant is now gone but the sign remains just west of Pacific.

Diamonds Restaurant Sign


Gardenway Motel

The Gardenway Motel was once affiliated with the Diamonds Restaurant. It too looks to have seen better days along Route 66. Though still in good shape it appears to be closed for now.


Another closed motor court along Route 66 near the Tri-Country Truck Stop a few miles west of Pacific harks back to another time along the Mother Road.

Sunset Motel

Stanton Museums

Stanton, Missouri

Stanton, Missouri is home to the celebrated Meramec Caverns and some other pretty interesting attractions to boot. The Jesse James Wax Museum and the Stanton Toy Museum are but a few along this stretch of Route 66.


Cuba, Missouri

When the Route 66 Caravan passed through Cuba on the way to the Red Cedar Inn in Pacific I could see there was a lot of Route 66 to see in this town. Cuba knows its heritage all right. The Wagon Wheel Motel is one of the best-preserved motor courts along Route 66 and it is still open for business!

Wagon Wheel Motel

John's Modern Cabins

John's Modern Cabins

A few miles west of Rolla, Missouri you can find these unique examples of the Route 66 entrepreneurial spirit. Originally built in 1951 by John Dausch the cabins closed with the advent of the Interstate. If you want to see them take exit 176 (Sugartree) off Interstate 44.


Oklahoma Route 66

Jim and I spent the night in Joplin, Missouri then it was back on the road for us. Jim headed for Tulsa, Oklahoma to wait for the arrival of his family. They would accompany him back to California on Route 66. I was going through to Yukon and planned on taking more pictures of Route 66 along the way. Of course I would stay off the Interstate, not that I'm cheap or anything but I didn't want to pay any tolls. Route 66 would provide a pleasant drive through the countryside. For me, driving the two-lanes like Route 66 is relaxing. It's nice not to have to jockey for position with the 18-wheelers. It may take a little longer to get to where I want to go, but it sure is worth it. I can feel a part of the country around me when I'm on Old Route 66. I see so much more too.

Vinita Roadside Classics

Vinita, Oklahoma

The Lewis Motel and Clanton's Cafe are classic Route 66 businesses that are still surviving in this great old Route 66 town.


Foyil, Oklahoma

Foyil is the home of Andy Payne, winner of the famous 1928 "Bunion Derby" transcontinental footrace to promote Route 66. A few miles east of Foyil is another unique roadside attraction, the world's largest totem pole. Built between the years 1937 - 1948 by Ed Galloway, a self-taught artist and craftsman, it was a major attraction on old Route 66.

The Totem
Sapulpa Classic Billboard

Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa is located a few miles west of Tulsa on Route 66. Sapulpa has some great old buildings that just beckon to the photographer. The town is proud of its Route 66 heritage too. I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of this old advertising art on one of the vintage buildings.


Arcadia, Oklahoma

As you travel west on Route 66 towards Arcadia the ruins of an old stone gas station can be seen. This is a very early station that was built in the 1920s. The story goes that it closed when the owner was arrested for counterfeiting $10 bills in the "secret" back room.

Rock of Ages Station


66 Days on Route 66!

66 Days on Route 66

Sunday, June 29th was my 66th day on the Mother Road. I met Jim and his family with the 66 Caravan RV, along with Becky Ransom, President of the Texas Old Route 66 Association, in Amarillo. We all went out to dinner - at the Big Texan of course. By the way, I did not order steak!


Monday, June 30th I would leave Route 66 and head north back to Colorado. After over two months on Route 66 it was strange to leave the Route 66 Caravan. I'm not done with this adventure yet. Jim will send me pictures of his part of the trip home - after all he still needs a couple more days to log his 66 Days on Route 66. Check back soon for the continuing saga ...


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