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June 29 ~ July 4, 2003

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Jim's Return Trip West on Route 66

Jim and I parted ways temporarily in St. Louis. I wanted to get more pictures of Route 66 in Missouri and Jim had plans to meet up with Tron Moberg and his Norwegian Route 66 Motorcycle Tour. Tron runs several tours of Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles each year. Route 66 is a worldwide phenomenon and attracts visitors from all over, not just the United States. Tron's Motorcycle Tours offers the adventurous in spirit a once in a lifetime cruise down the Mother Road on Harleys. Visitors fly into Chicago and rent motorcycles for the trip to California and vice-versa. The trip has proved so popular in Norway and Europe that Tron seems to spend all his time going back and forth along Route 66. Jim met up with Tron's latest tour just outside of St. Louis where they took a break for a photo opportunity with the Route 66 Caravan.

Tron Moberg and the Norwegian Bike Tour


Route 66 is a worldwide phenomenon as the Norwegian Motorcycle Tour proves. Tron Moberg (left of Jim) runs several tours along the Mother Road a year!

Jim and I met up again in Amarillo, Texas after he picked up his family in Oklahoma City. After months on the road I know Jim was excited about meeting up with them again. Just for the heck of it we brought the Route 66 Caravan RV over to Becky Ransom's house. You may remember that Becky, President of the Texas Old Route 66 Association, was instrumental in setting up our embarrassing episode of eating the 72-ounce steak at the Big Texan. For awhile there we weren't exactly sure how good a friend she really was. But that's water under the bridge now and we met up with her to go to dinner - at the Big Texan of course.
Caravan RV in Amarillo

And they said it couldn't be done... the Caravan RV at Becky Ransom's house. Becky is known as the "Highway Hostess" and this evening she was living up to her reputation.

The Conkle family and Becky in front of the Caravan RV, and where am I? Why behind the camera as usual.

The Conkle Family in Amarillo
Jim and I parted company for the time being in Amarillo. I headed north off Route 66 (after spending 66 days on the Mother Road) towards Colorado. Jim and family continued west on Route 66 towards California.
El Rancho Hotel in Gallup

The 66 Caravan RV in front of the famous El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico. The El Rancho is a Route 66 landmark that once was the hotel of the movie stars. Many movies were filmed in the area during the "Golden Age of Hollywood."

Lupton, Arizona is right on the border of New Mexico and has many trading posts for the traveler. Foremost among them is Chief Yellowhorse's Trading Post. Jim poses with the Chief wearing the traditional plains headdress.

Jim and Chief Yellowhorse
From the border of Arizona and New Mexico Jim and his family continued down Route 66 to Kingman, Arizona. It was in Kingman that Jim was to meet up with a film crew from the CBS Morning Show for some footage on the Route 66 Caravan.
Caravan RV at the Kingman Powerhouse

The Route 66 Caravan returns to the Powerhouse in Kingman. It's hard to believe that the last time it was here during the Fun Run it was cold and stormy!

Mr. D's in Kingman across from the Powerhouse on Route 66 provided the location for the CBS film crew. Apart from a nice Mother Road location Mr. D's has great burgers and malts.

Mr. D's in Kingman
From Kingman Jim made his way across the blistering Mojave Desert. Unfortunately the air conditioning in the RV wasn't working so that was a trip to remember! The Mojave Desert was one of the most formidable sections of old Route 66, and even today without air conditioning it is nothing to take lightly.

Jim and the Route 66 Caravan arrived back in Victorville just in time for the 4th of July. This was the official end of the Route 66 Caravan and Jim had his 66 days on Route 66! The Caravan was over; we still had one more road trip ahead. The following week we were to meet in Tucumcari, New Mexico and join up for a trip to Hampton Inn's corporate headquarters for a "post production celebration."


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