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Route 66 Caravan Road Log:
July 15, 2003

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66 Caravan in Memphis, Tennessee

The Caravan off Route 66???

I met Jim Conkle in Tucumcari, New Mexico at the Annual Route 66 Roadie Celebration put on by the Route 66 Magazine. This afforded us an opportunity to see old friends again and make new friends. From New Mexico Jim and I would head for Memphis, Tennessee and Hampton's corporate headquarters. We would leave Route 66 at Oklahoma City and cut across the super slab through Southeastern Oklahoma and Arkansas. All this traveling together was strangely familiar. It seems that after 66 days on Route 66 Jim and I had become true road wanderers. We could have done with some air conditioning though, it still wasn't fixed, and it was hot and way too humid for us western "dry heat" lads.
Arkansas not Route 66

The Route 66 Caravan RV at a rest stop in Arkansas. You can believe we attracted attention while we traveled off the Mother Road.

Jim poses for me along the road in Arkansas. We kept the windows open and the fans running while we traveled down the Interstate. Every once in a while the sun would go behind a cloud and provide us with some short-lived relief from the heat.

Jim Conkle in Arkansas


Shady Grove Hampton

Shady Grove Hampton Employees

Hampton employees at the Shady Grove Hampton Inn in Memphis were excited to see the Route 66 Caravan coming. Actually so were we. We stayed at this Hampton Inn and thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioning!


Hampton Inn Corporate Headquarters

The Route 66 Caravan Arrives

We arrived at Hampton Corporate on Tuesday morning the 15th of July amidst quite a bit of fanfare. Hampton executives came out to greet us and check out the legendary RV firsthand.

The Route 66 Caravan RV outside of Hilton Corporate offices. Hampton Inns is part of the Hilton family.

Route 66 Caravan at Hilton Corporate
Jim and Guy at Hilton Corporate

Jim and I were celebrities on this morning. We had indeed attained our 15 minutes of fame! Hampton put out quite a get together complete with displays, media footage and food - which is of course my favorite part of any function.

Hampton executive, Christine, signs the Route 66 Corridor Act petition. The Route 66 Caravan was instrumental in gathering thousands of signatures to take before Congress for the release of Corridor Act funds. The petition will be dropped off in Washington this fall.

Christine Signs the Petition
Perhaps the biggest surprise Jim and I had was being presented our own Roadside Attraction signs! After putting up 66 signs up and down the highway Melissa OBrien and Tori Walsh thought it would be nice if we had our own. It was quite a surprise I assure you. It was certainly great to work with all the dedicated and professional people at Hampton on this preservation project. There are more preservation projects being planned for the future so be watching the Hampton Inn or California Route 66 Preservation Foundation web sites for more details.

Jim and Guy are Roadside Attractions

We are not done yet, check out Reflections on the Route 66 Caravan for my feelings about everything that has happened these past few months. I guess you could call this a summary.


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