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Getting Started on the Layout


After the benchwork was complete I had to install the wiring for six switches, two power sources for the tracks and set up wiring for the accessories such as the lights for buildings and track signals. I had to cut and splice lengths of wire so everything could be run through a harness to the main control board which is a slide out drawer in the benchwork itself.

Once the layout was wired and the top board was in place it was time to layout the track and start the subterrain support for the scenery to come. I used an old VCR styrofoam packing form to serve as the support for my tunnel in the corner. Then I wadded newspaper and taped it to form the support for the mountains to come.


I laid strips of plaster cloth over the forms I had created to form the mountains. Using the Woodland Scenic system of building scenery I made my own rocks, and colored everything with Woodland Scenic natural earth colors. I used Woodland Scenic earth and grass fine turf sprinkled over everything. Slowly but surely the layout was taking shape.

After the basic scenery was done it was time to begin building the town of Magnolia. I constructed the roads using fine ballast stained with Woodland Scenic Asphalt stain. I then made sidewalks and wired in lights for the buildings. There's even a small park complete with a statue celebrating the town's founder, Zebadiah Ortega.


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