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The Round Barn in 1900 In the spring of 1898 William Harrison Odor, members of his family and his neighbors starting building a unique structure in the green countryside of Oklahoma. Little did they know at the time that the barn they were building would become a landmark on one of the most celebrated highways in America. This was the beginning of what would become know as Arcadia’s Round Barn. The circular form of the barn presented special problems, Odor figured that each rafter would have to be green lumber and soaked in water. The rafter was then shaped in a special jig to form the exact curve of the roof. Odor’s critics said the barn couldn’t be built, but he persevered to create the architectural wonder seen today. When the barn was new the lower level was used to shelter cattle, mules and hay. The upper level or loft was used for barn dances and other social gatherings.


Arcadia Round Barn

Arcadia Route 66

After years of hard use and then neglect the barn was in bad shape by the 1980s. In 1988 the barn was donated to the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society in an effort to save it. The Society believed it was an important part of Oklahoma history and every means should be made to save it. Luther Robinson, a retired building contractor from Oklahoma City, was up to the task of restoration and he saved the Round Barn with the help of the volunteer group known as the over-the-hill-gang (most were over 65 years of age). Due to the efforts of Luther and his volunteers the Old Round Barn still stands as a roadside attraction along old Route 66.
Downtown Arcadia

Arcadia Antiques

The Round Barn dominates the town of Arcadia.


Downtown Arcadia offers many photo opportunities.


The Hillbillee's has been an institution in Arcadia for many years. In fact it once was the Route 66 Gas Station, Cafe and   Motor Inn.It is said that in the early days you could rent a room for the night that came complete with a companion if so desired. Now I'm not too sure about that, but it is an intriguing idea.
Hillbillee's in Arcadia Looking at the sign makes me wonder if the rumors aren't true though.

Arcadia Bed and Breakfast


Arcadia's Famous Hillbillee's


Photographs Taken May, June 2003

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