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June 01, 2003

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Stroud's Rock Cafe

Stroud, Oklahoma has been a party destination even before Route 66 passed through. In the years before Oklahoma Statehood it boasted nine saloons and was a popular hangout for the cowboys passing through with their herds. In fact trader James Stroud who recognized the potential profit to be made by selling illicit whiskey smuggled to the Indians founded Stroud in 1892. This was a "hell-raising" town in its early years. Oklahoma Statehood brought all that to an end in 1907 when the town went "dry." After Statehood Stroud's economic base became agriculture and oil.

The Rock Cafe

The famous Rock Cafe has been serving Route 66 travelers since 1939. The rocks the building is made from came from the construction of Route 66. These rocks were unearthed with the paving of the old Mother Road.

Rock Cafe Sign


No rest for the weary! Dawn Welch, owner of the Rock Cafe, works hard alongside her cooks and servers. She has to, after all, the Route 66 Caravan and about 50 hungry bikers have just invaded her cafe.

Dawn Welch is a Real Mover


Stroud Rock Cafe Ceremony

Jim Conkle and Hampton V.P. William Edmundson

Jim and Hampton Vice-President William Edmundson get ready to unveil the new Roadside Attraction sign.


  The gang's all here! Jim along with Dawn and Fred Welch, their children Alexis and Paul, and William Edmundson welcome everybody to the Rock Cafe.

Stroud Rock Cafe Ceremony

  Attraction Sign Unveiling

Tulsa's Route 66 Harley Owners Group help unveil the new sign.


Scott Bunch, Head Road Captain of the Route 66 Harley Owners Group, and Dawn and Alexis proudly pose with the new Roadside Attraction sign.

Scott Bunch and Dawn Welch


The Tulsa Chapter of the Route 66 Harley Owners Group came to Stroud to show support for Hampton Inn's Save-A-Landmark program. These people appreciate the Mother Road!

Tulsa Route 66 Harley Owners Group

Roadside Attraction Sign


Annette Burnie and the HOG Colors

Young Paul Welch


Annette Burnie proudly shows off the Route 66 Chapter colors.

Paul Welch is applying for the job of Jim's relief driver!

Stroud Rock Cafe Roadside Attraction Sign


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