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Washington DC Trip: Why?

February 16~18, 2004

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The Route 66 Corridor Act

Washington DC Trip:

February 16th - 18th, 2004

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In 1999, the Senate and Congress passed the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Act which the President signed into law on August 10th of that year as Public Law #.106-45.
The law authorized Congress to appropriate $10 million over ten years to administer the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program though the National Park Service. The Program provides technical assistance and matching-fund grants for preservation and restoration of Route 66 heritage resources. Support for the National Route 66 Corridor Preservation Act was bipartisan and, we believe, non-controversial.

To date, only about $1.4 million has been appropriated, just slightly more than 10%, of the promised funding has been appropriated. To date cost-share grants totaling $696,100 have been spread over 39 projects in the eight states through which Route 66 passes. Only one California project has benefited: restoration of the Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, which is just beginning, administered through the California Office of Historic Preservation. Many additional projects, here in California and elsewhere along the route are waiting for the promises to be kept.

~Glenn Duncan, CART66PF


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Santa Fe's Mayor Signs the Petition

Jim Conkle, Executive Director of the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation, Michael Wallis, noted Route 66 author, Hampton Inns®, and members of Route 66 organizations from other states will meet with the National Park Service and Secretary of the Interior in Washington DC, February 17 -18, 2004. In support of the Route 66 Corridor Act and Preservation Program the Route 66 Caravan collected over 10,000 signatures from concerned citizens last year, all the way from Santa Monica to Chicago.
Santa Fe's Mayor signs the Corridor Act Petition during the Route 66 Caravan's stop over in this historic New Mexico town. This petition will be delivered to Congress in Washington DC to show support for the release of the promised funding. This is a grass roots movement supported by people from all walks of life who would like to see a portion of Old Route 66 preserved for future generations to enjoy.


The Corridor Act Petition

The Route 66 Caravan spent 66 days on Route 66 from April through July in 2003. The purpose of the caravan was to honor the businesses and historical sites along the Mother Road and to increase the public's awareness of this most celebrated National Treasure known as Route 66. The Route 66 Caravan also brought along a petition to be signed by concerned citizens for the release of Route 66 Corridor Act funds already approved by Congress. To date very little of the Corridor Act money authorized by Congress has been released. The Route 66 Corridor Act Petition was passed around to collect signatures showing support for this historic preservation act. The Route 66 Caravan was successful in gathering signatures from people all up and down the highway, but our campaign didn't end there.

Route 66 Corridor Act Petition

Petition Signing in Springfield


Hampton Inn Helps with the Petition
Melissa OBrien of Hampton Inn assists the Route 66 Caravan in gathering more signatures for the Corridor Act Petition.

In late September, 2003 the Route 66 Caravan, along with Hampton Inn, hit the highway again. This time we headed for the International Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Illinois. During the festivities the Route 66 Corridor Act Petition was passed around again gathering hundreds of additional signatures for Congress. We found out that there is a lot of support for the historic preservation of Route 66. With over 10,000 signatures the time is at hand for our first trip to our nation's capital in support of Old Route 66. It is time to meet our nation's leaders and let them know about the interest in the preservation of Route 66 that people from all over our country and the world have for this historic highway.


The Route 66 Caravan Goes to Washington DC

Jim Conkle and Glen Duncan at the Capitol Jim Conkle, Michael Wallis, Glen Duncan, Hampton Inn, and other concerned citizens from Route 66 associations and organizations met in Washington DC during the week of February 16th. Meetings were scheduled with the National Park Service (the administrators of the Route 66 Corridor Act), the Secretary of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and various congressional and senatorial officials to discuss the future of preservation on Route 66.

Jim Conkle and Glen Duncan of the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation (left) are bringing our concerns about the preservation of the Mother Road to Capitol Hill in an unprecedented visit to our nation's "command center."


Meet the Washington DC Group...



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Jim Conkle Executive Director CART66PF, Hampton Inn Save-A-Landmark Spokesperson, Preservationist, member of The National Trust for Historic Preservation


Glen Duncan Vice President CART66PF, Preservationist, member of The National Trust for Historic Preservation


Michael Wallis Noted Route 66 Author, Historian and Preservationist

Michael Wallis

Steve Henthorn Executive Director and CEO of the San Bernardino Visitors and Convention Bureau


Patty Kuhn Executive Director Illinois Route 66 Heritage Project, Inc. - Tourism Development Office, member Route 66 Association of Illinois

Heritage Project

Diana Hutton Texas Old Route 66 Association Board Member, Historian & Preservationist

Texas Old Route 66

Guy Randall CART66PF Board Member - Web Site Chairman, Texas Old Route 66 Association Board Member, Photo Journalist, Historian & Preservationist

The Road Wanderer

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Historic Route 66 Caravan

Washington DC Trip

Showing support for the Preservation of the Mother Road Today and Tomorrow!

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February 16, 2004

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