California Route 66

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California Route 66

Barstow to Victorville on the National Old Trails Highway

~ Old Route 66

Ruins at Hodge, California

Helendale, California

The old highway leaves Barstow and Interstate 40 to follow the Mojave River through the old Route 66 towns of Lenwood, Hodge, Helendale, and Oro Grande to rejoin the Interstate at Victorville. Along the way ghostly shadows of the Mother Road can still be seen, such as the ruins of an old store between Hodge and Helendale. A few more years and even these ruins will be a memory: nothing left but tin cans and broken glass in the desert.

Tagger's Art at the "No Service" Service Station
As we get closer to LA we find this old gas station near Helendale made an irresistable target for spray can art. Originally this was Burden's Store and Post Office and is one of the oldest buildings on this stretch of Route 66. It was built in 1926 before Route 66 was even paved in this area!

Route 66 Gas Station near Helendale, CaliforniaBurden's Store and Post Office
For many years this was the center of activity in Helendale. At one time this must have been a welcome stop for travelers on Route 66 getting ready for the treacherous Cajon Pass and LA beyond.

Stone Gas Station Hasn't Had Gas in Awhile

Stone Motor Court - Plenty of VacanciesPotapov's Service Station and Auto Court

Originally built in 1943 and now in ruins, this old stone gas station and auto court along the highway between Helendale and Oro Grande attest to busier days once.

Reflections on the Mother Road 2001

Ruins of an Old Stone Gas Station on Route 66Reflecting on these  forgotten memories along Route 66, I can't help but wonder about the travelers who stayed at Potapov's long ago.

Photographs taken February 2000 and January 2001

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