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Oro Grande on the Old Trails Highway

The Santa Fe Tracks Run Through Town Oro Grande (Grand Gold in English) was named for the high hopes of the early prospectors who came through the area. Unfortunately the gold mines in the area never turned out to be all that grand. In the late 1880's a limestone quarry replaced the gold mines as the reason for the town's existence. The demand for cement for construction projects in Southern California at the turn of the century prompted the formation of the first cement company in Oro Grande in 1906.
Cement rather than gold became the main economic reason for Oro Grande. The Riverside Cement Co. is still in operation and the Santa Fe tracks that parallel the town are busy with trains carrying the powder. There are numerous businesses still located here that owe their existence to Route 66. Independent Gas Station Now ClosedOro Grande was a popular stopping place on Route 66 for travelers, but those days are over as this recently closed independent gas station shows.

Oro Grande's Antique Station

Oro Grande's Antique Station is another Route 66 business that is going strong here. It is a great antique mall that is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. Close enough to L.A. to be a nice drive up Cajon Pass but far enough away to still maintain that small town flavor. Who knows what Route 66 treasures you might stumble on here?

Iron Hog Saloon

Mojave Joe's Trading Post

Two Oro Grande classics, the Iron Hog Saloon (formerly the Lost Hawg) and Mojave Joe's Trading Post are still going strong on Route 66. McClintocks BBQ (not shown) is located between the two establishments. Originally the Iron Hog biker bar was the Case farm equipment dealership in the 1930s and 1940s. The building is said to have been built in 1931.


Victorville, California

After leaving Oro Grande, Route 66 crosses the Mojave River at a great old steel-truss bridge, a vintage Route 66 structure built in 1930. Once across the bridge you are entering Victorville, another town that got its start from the demand for cement at the turn of the century. During the hey-day of Route 66 Victorville had the western flavor that Hollywood was looking for and many an old B western was filmed in the area. Dude ranches and apple orchards rounded out the "getting out in the country" feel of the town.

Steel Truss Bridge at Victorville
I love the ornate rails on this bridge!

Vintage County Fair Sign in Victorville

San Bernardino County Fair Sign has been there awhile!


Some Route 66 businesses are still doing great like Emma Jean's Truck Stop, Home of the Brian Burger. It's located between Oro Grande and Victorville. I came through here at lunchtime and the parking lot was packed. Does anyone know what the Brian Burger is? Or for that matter the Holland Burger? Next time through I have to stop and find out - grab some lunch too.

Home of the Brian Burger

New Corral Motel in Victorville

Vintage Motor Court

The New Corral Motel is a Route 66 classic in Victorville that harks back to the wild west image of Victorville 60 years ago. Today it is still going strong and is a clean, nostalgic stop for Route 66 visitors. Victorville is also the home of the California Route 66 Museum in Old Town Victorville, another "must stop" for the Route 66 roadologist.


Old Town Victorville

This vintage post card shot of Victorville in the Route 66 days shows the downtown section, now know as Old Town. Once lined with cafes and road houses it is now the center piece for Victorville's historic preservation efforts. The Red Rooster Cafe (center of photo) is now the home of the Califotnia Route 66 Museum. Sadly, the buildings on either side of the Red Rooster are now gone. The upside of this historic loss is that there is plenty of parking for the Victorville Museum now.

Vintage Post Card of Victorville


California Route 66 Museum

California Route 66 Museum

Victorville Museum Logo
On D Street between
5th & 6th Streets

Passing through Victorville on Route 66? Then don't miss the California Route 66 Museum!

The museum maintains and displays a collection of historic photographs and artifacts related to the history of Route 66 and its communities.

The museum gift shop offers many fine gifts, jewlery, books and clothing related to Route 66. Several products are exclusive to the museum.

California Route 66 Museum Staff
Museum staff are there to help

Museum Open:

Thursday - Monday
10 AM to 4 PM

P.O. Box 2151
Victorville, CA 92393
(760) 951-0436

Stay and Browse in the California Route 66 Museum
Stay awhile and browse the collections

Photographs taken January, March & May 2001

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