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A Pictorial History of Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, Colorado was founded by a party of gold seekers who stopped off here in October 1858 on their way to the Cherry Creek diggings. Liking the look of the mountains to the west they began prospecting and struck paydirt in January 1859. By 1866 Boulder was the gateway to the rich mines in the mountains west of town.

Boulder 1866

Pearl St 1890

Pearl Street in the late 1800's looking west to the mining communities up Boulder Canyon.

Fonda's Drug Store at the turn of the century

Fondas Drug Store 1900

Many of the bottles I dug up at the old Boulder dump in 1971 could have very easily come from here. Fonda's Drugstore was in operation in Boulder for many years, at least into the 1930's that I know of.

Boulder, Colorado on a quiet summer day around the turn of the century. This is a view of Pearl Street taken across from the old Courthouse. Note the stagecoach on the left side of the street. Boulder Colo1900

Stagecoach in Boulder Canyon

Boulder, Colorado had a very effective mass transit system in the old days. There were two ways to get up into the gold mining towns of the Boulder mountains; train and the ever versatile stagecoach as this picture taken in Boulder Canyon shows.


Old Boulder Dump 1971

The 1971 Bottle dig at the old Boulder dump when I had a lot more hair.The bottle I am holding in my hand is the Dr.S.B.H. & Co. tonic or bitters bottle pictured on the right.

Antique Medicine Bottles




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