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Have you ever been going down the road and glanced out the window to see an abandoned house, rock building or even a lonely stone chimney in a field?
Abandoned Texas Ranger Jail in 1968

An old Texas Ranger jail outside of Spur, Texas in 1968.

Did you wonder who could have built it, or lived there at one time? How about taking that side road into the mountains and going around a curve and seeing a set of abandoned buildings up a gulch, exposed like weathered brown skeletons against the sky? These are all glimpses into our past history. There are ghost towns in every part of our country, towns that were born and then died due to the political winds, economic booms, or mineral wealth of the area. I've found the west a fascinating place to explore these ghost towns, and in these pages I'll share some of my favorites with you. Many ghost towns are completely gone now: Caribou, Colorado or Silver Lake, California. Then there are some towns that are mere shadows of what they once were, like Silver Plume, Colorado. They are all interesting places to see what life was like back in the old days. I hope you enjoy my Ghost Town Web.


The New Bohn Hotel in Encampment, Wyoming

1890 Encampment Hotel

The New Bohn Hotel in 1890's

Encampment, Wyoming

Finding historical old photos  of buildings that are now abandoned can be a lot of fun. These old photos give us a new perspective on the history of the particular ghost town. Compare the two photos here of the same hotel. What a difference 90 years can make.

1978 Encampment Hotel

Encampment Hotel in 1978


Mormon Settlements Out West

Paria Chimney Ruins

Chimney ruins at Paria

Not all ghost towns were mining camps or wild cattle towns. There were ferry crossings run by Mormon pioneers like John D. Lee, and small farming communities such as Paria, Utah.

Paria was settled by direction of Brigham Young in the 1870's but constant flooding of the Paria River and the erosion that resulted caused the small Mormon town to be abandoned in the early 1900's.

Pioneer Cabin at Paria

Pioneer Cabin at Paria

General Store at Lee's Ferry 1984Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River, though not a town per se, was an important river crossing from the 1870's through the 1920's. It had a post office, general store, and was the only river crossing for hundreds of miles in either direction.

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