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Salt River Canyon Petroglyphs

Salt River Canyon Petroglyphs

Nestled high above the Salt River in central Arizona ancient Native Americans pecked out an art gallery in a sheltered cove. Strange creatures cavort alongside human figures forever etched in stone, and there is even a "self portrait" among the rocks. One can only wonder what the artist was thinking as he looked out upon the vista before him.

Self Portrait Salt River Canyon, Arizona Strange Creature


Pinal County Petroglyphs

Just outside of  Petrified Forest National Monument can be found these strange examples of Rock Art. Tucked in and out of the rocks of this bluff are hundreds of petroglyphs. Unfortunately some have fallen prey to vandals.

Pinal County Petroglyph Site

First Encounter with a Martian?

Spiral and Strange Creature

Strange creatures and spirals abound in ancient Indian art.

I think this Petroglyph is one of the strangest I have come across. Is this a prehistoric alien abduction?

Ghostly Visions


Defiance House Ruin

Defiance House

High in an alcove above Lake Powell in Forgotten Canyon lies this ruin with what I consider to be the "first no trespassing sign". I wonder what went on here a thousand years ago.

Ancient No Trespassing Sign


Sand Island at the San Juan River

San Juan River

Sand Island, Utah

Near Bluff, Utah along the San Juan River there is a massive rock art panel. It must have been a favorite place of the ancient ones. If you look closely at the upper right section of this picture you can see Kokopelli, the humpbacked flute player of the Anazazi.

Kokopelli the Flute Player


There is a lonely canyon with a spring in Northern Arizona that has been the scene of human drama for countless centuries. The quest for water in this thirsty land has led travelers to this oasis in the desert and they have left behind their symbols and names on the canyon walls. Click the button on the right to go there. Moenave

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