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*Updated 30 June 2012*

The Route 66 Caravan
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One of the most exciting things to happen on Route 66 in a long time! Through the support of Hampton® Hotels Save A Landmark program I accompanied Jim Conkle of the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation on a 66 day journey of Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago that started on  April 29th, 2003. I chronicled our adventures (some would say misadventures) down the Mother Road and posted a day by day account of our journey on the Route 66 Caravan web site. Catch the whole adventure here! Be prepared, there are 100 pages to peruse as this web site has become an online book.

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Are you interested in all things Route 66? Then the yahoo e-mail group is just for you. Join us and share your experience, ask questions and have some good old Route 66 fun.

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Do you have a Route 66 Web Site that you would like to us to link to? We would be more than happy to include your link on this page and have you link to us also. Please contact Shadows of Old Route 66 with your web site information. Thanks to all you Route 66 fans the Mother Road lives on!


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